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1). A Story About Hip Replacement
My mother just had hip replacement surgery performed and it was not an easy procedure for her to handle. It wasn't just the cost that was difficult but the slow and painful recovery that followed. She was also laid out for a long time as you can imagine someone who just had hip replacement would be.

My mom had her hip replaced because of a rare condition from which she was suffering.

2). How The Chronograph Works
A chronograph is an electronic instrument that has one or more hands that can be stopped on command for the explicit purpose of measuring elapsed time. You may have never heard of a chronograph, but you certainly know what stopwatches are. They are one in the same. Today they come in two basic forms, mechanical and digital.

Mechanical chronograph, just like with wristwatches, operate on a spring mechanism and must be manually wound.

3). Proper Use of an Electric Blanket
An electric blanket is an especially valuable commodity on those cold winter nights when you just can't seem to take the chill off. Just plug that they be in and wrap it around you, instant gratification. When you are sitting in a recliner with your feet up and your toes are like ice cubes, you can drape the electric blanket across those raw tootsies can get them toasted up in no time.

4). How To Write A Personal Statement For College
The entire college admission process can be exhausting and nerve-racking but there are few things worse than writing the personal statement for college applications. Your first thought is that it would be a piece of cake, everything you have to do is write a few words about yourself - what your interests are, what you would like to accomplish in life.

5). The Sweet Melodies of a Nature Sounds Alarm Clock
What is the thing that wakes you up each morning? Is it the sun that blinds you? Or is it the brutal ringing of the alarm clock? It doesn't matter what makes your eyes open but you would certainly prefer to wake up gently without any brute force. Just imagine how much better it would be if a nature sounds alarm clock wakes you up each morning. This modern alarm clock wakes you up without the brutality factor.

6). Effective Lesson Plans for Reading
As an instructor of English (reading, writing, lit, creative writing, etc.) and as an online course developer, I have found many valuable teacher resources for linguistic, literary, and rhetorical disciplines. Specifically for education and none for teaching in general, and a great many more with lesson plans for reading. Many of the lesson plans for reading are laid out so well that they will include peer work suggestions, interactive games and quizzes and maps, and dynamic and thorough strategies for cross-referencing studies.

7). Air Fresheners
Air freshener's come and an assortment sizes, colors, fragrances and the the methods. To begin with, there is the simple Spray Can kind of air freshener that you spray around the house or office to purify the air. Well I just purify it isn't really an accurate description, they actually just mask the other odors. The contents of the can are more often than not a sort of a scent that gives one the feeling of inhaling fresh air.

8). Obtaining Short Term Loans
It is nothing new for college students to have financial issues. With the ever increasing cost of tuition, books and living expenses they are sometimes in need of a little assistance. Student short term loans can be an excellent source of funding for those who find themselves struggling to keep up their living expenses. Your respective schools and financial aid office will help new with all the forms that you'll need to apply for short-term loans.

9). A Review of Martha Stewart
I've never been one for cooking, entertaining company, or designing my home, so Martha Stewart is never exactly been on my radar before. Sure, I heard all about her insider trading scandal and subsequent imprisonment, who hasn't, but I really didn't know the first thing about the woman.

Then I started watching her television show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, which was a spin-off of Donald Trump's popular series.

10). How to Remove Blackheads
Do you know what I think the worst pimple of them all is? Well that's easy, it's the one that just won't go away. Sure, many of them tend to run on certain cycles, but others are just downright stubborn. What do you do about those pimples? Well, as you know, there are a number of methods and treatments available to aid you in this battle. You definitely don't want to do anything that will lead to even more breakout.

11). Try An Animated Mouse Cursor
Mouse cursors are useful and functional as they help you get an idea about where you are supposed to type. They usually look so unobtrusive, that we hardly notice them. The important thing is that they work great for us, and show where typing should take place. I hardly even noticed my mouse cursor until the day that I had to use another computer. It was my colleague’s and it had a strange animated mouse cursor in the form of an angel.

12). Effective Staff Motivation
My grandmother, when she was owner and CEO of a successful company (having to do with medical supplies for the fields of cryogenics), was, as I understand it, and absolute genius at staff motivation. She kept it simple. If she'd for instance received a call from a client who complimented her administrative assistant on her professionalism, then the my grandmother would present that assistant with a $100 bill at the next staff meeting in front of the other employees to motivate them.

13). A Guide for Choosing Catholic Gifts
As an individual who has been a devout and a loyal believer in Catholicism for pretty much my whole life, it's really only natural that all of my family and friends for the most part share in my beliefs. This is comforting on many levels, and helps reinforce my faith all the more. What's more than that, because they value the same holidays and special occasions that I do, and we share the same reason is affiliations, I think it's reasonable to believe that they'll appreciate receiving Catholic gifts to mark special occasions.

14). Putting a Face on Max Factor Mascara
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and we all know this lesson. Men enjoy their cars (and their women), women enjoy their makeup, and that’s the way it is. On the market, billions of beauty products and makeup accessories are available. Someone may feel lost in the world of beauty products. However, there is one product, which is the most important for every woman – the mascara.

15). Super Mario Bros Mania
The Super Mario Bros are a part of videogame royalty since their creation by Nintendo. When the first Nintendo came out in the mid 1980’s it was incredibly successful, but it actually took a while to catch on. The very first Nintendo games didn’t really offer anything different than what was already on the market from gaming companies like Atari. It.

16). Wallace and Gromit - The Curse of the Were Rabbit
Are you the parents of young kids? If so, how do you entertain the little ones? Sure, they do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves, but every now and then they get bored and that's when you need to step in and this is where the parental assistance becomes so important. After all, you want the kids just bouncing off the walls.

However, maybe you're busy and lack the proper time to put on a puppet show, or take them to the zoo.

17). Becoming Acne Free
How do she skin look these days? Is it silky smooth, have a healthy glow free from oil and shine? Yeah, I didn't think so. Although no one has perfect skin, you can do many things to and sure that your skin looks great at all times. Because let's face it, we all want a great complexion, and that means staying acne free. What exactly is acne and causes.

18). An Old Friend - Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker is an icon that many of us have grown up with through the years. Betty Crocker is synonymous with cookbooks and cake mixes. I can still remember seeing the picture of good old Betty on the box of those delicious cake mixes.

The name Betty Crocker has historical significance as well. The name “Betty Crocker” was developed to market products to homemakers, and created from combining the last name of a retired company executive, William Crocker, and a pleasant, comfortable female name, Betty.

19). The Importance of Car Safety
Car safety has most assuredly improved through the years since the debut of the automobile. The founders of the industry would be truly astounded at all the features now available on our main form of transportation. The birth of the combustion engine has changed our lives and in most dramatic way. It has allowed us to journey to places that would otherwise have taken weeks or months to reach.

20). Those Stylish Stiletto Heels
You may probably think all the high heels you see on the shoes of ladies are the same. But see, there are different kinds of heels for shoes. Stiletto heels are narrow pointed heels, giving it the look of a spike or a dagger. Stiletto heels make legs look longer. Stiletto heels can have different heights, from half and inch to five or six inches. Women who dance in ballrooms and stages like to wear stiletto heels because of its sleek look and sexy feel.

21). An Insight Into Affirmative Action Program
It is very important for every company manager or human resources worker to have an affirmative action program. Although certain steps should be taken in order to make that program work and to advance either women or minorities or any other underrepresented groups in the respective field, specialists on human resources strongly recommend not having quotas, at least not officially announced ones.

22). How to Identify Birds
As a continuation of our how-to series you are going to talk about how to identify birds. Perhaps birds aren't really your cup of tea, well believe it or not, it can actually be quite entertaining to be able to identify birds. Birdwatching has always been a popular pastime, especially with noble men and royalty.

In fact, bird watching is still a rather popular hobby.

23). A Review of Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS, is a very popular way to shake the muscles and prevent muscle atrophy. Some patients need it desperately, that’s why a lot of doctors use it on a regular basis. EMS is good when the patient has been suffering from strong injuries and is put to bed for a long time. Muscle atrophy can be a consequence of this, so electrical muscle stimulation is the only way for these people to get their muscles strong again.

24). Artistic Cake Design
Cakes are a huge part of holiday, birthday, oh heck, just about any kind of celebration. And cake design has truly evolved into an art form. Some individuals to their entire careers to the art of cake design. You can walk by some bakeries and glanced through the window at some truly beautiful creations. I met a culinary artist recently and learned some very interesting things about the art of cake design.

25). Girls Love Mermaid Pictures
Are you thinking about buying some new art? Maybe you ought to think about mermaid pictures. When most of us think of mermaids we think of a woman with long flowing blonde hair whose legs have magically been transformed into a fish tail. Sometimes they can look pretty hot.

Granted most adults don’t think about mermaids on a regular basis, yet there is a very special cross-section of people that love them.

26). Tips for Buying Bulk Coffee
There are actually quite a few advantages to buying bulk coffee and other such staples. It is of course cheaper by volume, and you don't need to run out to the market quite as much.

If you are a coffee drinker then you know that you really can go through it quickly. In purchasing bulk coffee, as with many bulk items, there is a price break when buying more coffee.

27). Classical Paint by Numbers
When you were a kid did you use those paint by numbers projects? Many people have fond memories of paint by numbers. It hearkens back to their childhood and a more innocent time. Do you recall those pictures, with all the lines and the different numbers, and each number corresponded to a different color? I sure do, and they were great fun.

All of the colors came in a little package with the picture, and at the end you were supposed to get a picture that looked like the picture on the box or on the back of the package.

28). Pick Out a Cool Harry Potter Costume
Boy oh boy, I'm really looking forward to that day of days this year. It's a mad celebration with parties and treats galore. Did you think I was talking about Christmas? It seems as though the the consensus is that Christmas is a holiday that really gets her juices flowing. Yes I'm talking about Halloween.

That mysterious day that only comes once a year, but hasn't quite achieved official holiday status.

29). Classic Christmas Songs
Christmas songs are as assorted and diverse as anything I can think of. But what exactly do I mean by that statement? Well just think about the incredible variety of Christmas songs that have been produced throughout the years and I think you'll agree. If you grew up in snowy regions you may recall going for sleigh rides or caroling around a snow-covered tree.

30). You Can Easily Learn To Play The Harmonica
If you'd like to learn to play the harmonica the best thing you can do is to take one. Even though there are hundreds of programs offering sheet music and instructions, may be it would be better for you to start experimenting on your own as playing the harmonica is not really hard. You can start on your own and later get formal instructions of various harmonica masters.

31). What's a Pea Coat?
It seems as if yesterday when I so my dead in his tried-and-true pea coat. It actually meant quite a bit to him because that was the coat that he wore when you probably serve in the U.S. Navy back and the 1960’s. He said that he had never worn a coat that kept him warmer, or one that had stood the test of time.

The pea coat is standard issue for the brave men and women of the U.

32). The Value of Lycopene
For ketchup-lovers across the globe, the new information circulating about the benefits of Lycopene is is indeed good news. It actually has properties that can help you become healthy on the inside and out. New research has shown that Lycopene has chemical properties that have effect of that blocking damaging UV rays. It is a sunscreen that you can eat.

33). Show Off Your Shoes With Argyle Socks
As a fashion accessory argyle socks are the thing that is always in style and can be worn with anything by both men and women. They have proved to be timeless as they have already been around for quite a long time and there aren’t any signs that they’ll be leaving the market soon. The great variety of styles and colors they may come in ensures their ability to match so many outfits.

34). Tips For Using A Charcoal Grill
A charcoal grill may seem a bit dated in these days of natural gas and propane fueled barbeques. But a charcoal grill can be great for anything from preparing a simple meal to smoking your favorite meats. There's nothing quite like food that has been cooked on grills to really offer a wonderful, natural taste.

There are a variety of grills available, the selection is really endless and there are grills that meets just about anyone's needs.

35). A Review of Faux Fur Coats
Many people are of the opinion that faux fur coats are rather gaudy, but personally I happen to think that if done properly they can look fantastic. The great thing about a faux fur coat is that you can get it in any style of animal that you want. You couldn't get a real tiger coat, but a tiger faux fur coat? I own several of these exotic coats and I love them.

36). A Review of Air Kicks
Air kicks are the greatest invention made for walking people, they really turn a promenade into a glorious experience. If you are not familar with air kicks anti-gravity shoes, you should realize you’ve missed a hell of a bargain. Air kicks are made in such a way that walking with them leaves you with a terrific feeling. They are made with a lemon shaped spring mechanism put on the bottom, which is what makes walking with them so light.

37). How to Pop a Pimple
How you experience any art form of how to pop a pimple? Okay, it does sound rather nasty, yet I think we all have done it at one time another. It's simply part of being human. It's especially a part of being a teenager. I for one understand how to pop a pimple, and how to do it without causing a nasty scar. Yes you heard me correctly, there is a method to this madness.

38). A Review of Viagra
Viagra is by far the most recognizable brand name and for the drug sildenafil citrate. It is produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, and is also sold under the name Ravatio and Caverta in certain locations throughout the world. Viagra is produced for one reason and one reason only, to treat erectile dysfunction, or as it's more commonly known, ED.

39). A Review of Car Web Sites
An effective way for car buyers to do research is to use the Internet for prices, information and styles. Many car dealers are using car websites to promote their inventory of vehicles and to reach more consumers and a nonthreatening way. An online showcase of cars is an extremely powerful marketing tool. MotoNet is a service that specializes in motor trade websites.

40). Your Guide To Goat Farming
The goats produce two very important products in goat farming - the milk and the meat. In most of the large goat farms the goats are treated much like dairy cows as their accommodations are indoors and they are milked twice a day. Large farmers have more than 400-500 goats in their farms.

The breeding season for goats in farms is from August to March.

41). The Universal Appeal of Beatles Songs
There is nothing nicer than listening to your parent's vinyl. It gives you a sense that good music is omnipotent and will never be forgotten. What I first found in my parent's music collection were the Beatles albums. They had a nice selection of all the albums being released since the 60s. There were a lot of Beatles songs, which I had never heard before.

42). The Necessity of an Adult Bib
Reverting back to a helpless child as an adult is one of the most humiliating and helpless things anyone could ever experience. Wearing adult diapers and adult bibs, being unable to walk more than 20 feet or so without resting, becoming forgetful, and relying on others to care for youabsolutely dreadful for everyone involved. Yet the use of the chores that millions across the world face each and every day that they care for people at the special needs.

43). Finding A Car Accident Lawyer
Do you have a car? I'll bet you do because most Americans love their cars. What would you do if you were driving your car and were in a serious accident that caused extensive damage? Well, based on who is at fault, the insurance companies will more or less be able to replace the car. That's what you're paying the big money for.

But what happens now to hear the cause of that accident? Or worse, been affected by the accident physically and emotionally? If this is the case then there's not a whole lot that your insurance company will do for you.

44). What's With Those Infomercials?
Right about the time the infomercials were really starting to dominate late-night television, I was attending underground theatre. It was a multimedia presentation that showed actors living their lives and gigantic screen overheads with Stepford-like hosts jamming infomercials at both the characters and the audience. It was the bazaar but they were able to pull it off because of those infomercials, was quite profound, quite futuristic, Big Brotherish.

45). Stylish Maternity Clothes
You are expecting a baby and you may be feeling a bit uncomfortable and none too sexy, it need not be that way. Put down the oversized shirt and step away from the frumpy dress. Maternity clothes have actually become quite fashionable in recent decades. They do not have to be dumpy and frumpy and they do not have to scream, “Pregnant lady coming!”

There are now a plethora of styles and colors that the expectant mother can choose from.

46). Perfect Baby Picture Frames
As she has always been very special to me, I wanted to give my god child something very special as a present for her newborn baby. I decided to get some special baby picture frames for her as I knew she likes photographs a lot and I thought she might make a good use of them in the nursery. Thinking a bit further I came up with the idea to include in my future present some of the baby picture frames that her parents had used for her baby pictures.

47). The Beauty of Matching Wedding Bands
Quite a few newlyweds to be choose to get matching wedding bands for their big wedding day. The history of the bride and groom wearing matching wedding bands dates back many years and is still very much alive and well today.

Many couples prefer to design their own matching wedding bands. They may consult with a jewelry design professional who will take their vision and use it to create two rings that uniquely reflect their own specific tastes.

48). Tips for Starting a Cleaning Service
I have come to realize that people rarely make their fortunes while working for someone else. If I want to strike it big, I realize that I need to work for myself. The problem is, I'm not what you would call entrepreneur material. I really don't have the next brilliant idea on how to make big and my tolerance for risk isn't all that great. I don't have much capital to begin with, but at the same time I don't want to put my house, car, and the future security of my family on the line in order to get my company off the ground.

49). Tips For An Effective Billing Invoice
Being a freelancer you need to take very good care of billing invoices. In order to collect my money on time I do file my billing invoices regularly using the standard form for that. I prefer collecting payments by means of PayPal and e-mail. I chose those two because the first one guarantees that I can receive my money quick enough and the second one apart from being quite a timely type of communication, keeps record of everything, including delivery confirmations for the product and the billing invoice too.

50). Online Math Programs
Nowadays you can find a great variety of online math programs. Honestly, as a teacher, I don't believe that any subject, especially Math, can be tutored online. What's most important in tutoring is to be able to act in person. The only way I know to teach mathematics is face-to-face. From my point of view, the online math programs available are not good, all they do is to confuse the child with complicated charts and answers which without a teacher's explanation, would be quite discouraging and may have only a negative impact on the child.

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