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1). Shih Poo Puppy and Dog Information
The Shih Poo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Poddle and Shih Tzu, classified as an F1.

2). Cockapoo Puppy & Dog Information
The Cockapoo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle, classified as an F1.

3). Natural Centipede Control
More scary looking than dangerous, the house centipede is a common household pest that can be controlled though not without some effort on your part. Centipedes do bite prey and humans, though the bite experienced by humans, while painful, is not generally poisonous or harmful to people.

4). Water Cycle in a Terrarium
Terrariums are much like miniature hothouses. More precisely, a terrarium can be thought of as replicating the environment of out own planet earth. One of the climatic features of our wonderful is phenomenon of continuously recycle water that is trapped in the atmosphere.

5). How To Care For Your Terrarium
It is true that terrariums require very little care. They often allow the most novice of gardener to grow a green thumb. It has been said that terrariums actually thrive on neglect.

6). The History Of The Terrarium
The idea of growing plants in glass enclosures is definitely not a new one.

7). Natural Cricket Control
A cool summer evening, a nice breeze and the sound of crickets chirping could make for pleasant experience. The sound of crickets chirping in your house can indicate something else all together. Crickets are not particularly dangerous but in large numbers can be a nuisance and have the potential for doing some damage in your home if they are not controlled.

8). Schnoodle Puppy & Dog Information
The Schnoodle is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Poodle and a Schnauzer, classified as an F1.

9). Natural Silverfish Control
They do not fly but these adaptable insects have managed to migrate from their normally tropical environs to colder climates in an extraordinarily surprising number of ways. Silver in color and fast moving, these opportunistic little bugs will scatter at the first sign of bright light or if they are disturbed, like when you surprise them by moving a box in your basement or garage.

10). Which Dog Breeds Are More Likely To Kill People
Some dog breeds are more likely to kill than others and some breeds are more protective of their masters and physical surrounding than others. This is the results of a twenty year study.

11). Goldendoodle Puppy and Dog Information
The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, classified as an F1.

12). Cutting And Polishing Diamonds
Precious stones are cut and polished to develop the beauties which are latent in them. The diamond in its natural found state is not spectacular. The diamond in a natural state is merely a luminous gray pebble.

13). Diamonds, Value And Carbon Spot Imperfections
Diamonds almost always have defects and one of the main defects is carbon spots. Their influence upon diamond value has to be taken into account along with the influence of color. A stone may have great color, yet may yield some carbon imperfections making it far less valuable than an off color stone.

14). Pomapoo Puppy & Dog Information
The pomapoo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Pomeranian and a Poodle, classified as an F1.

15). Whoodle Puppy & Dog Information
The Whoodle is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Standard Poodle, classified as an F1.

16). Natural Earwig Control
The pesky earwig looks like something out of horror film and has been the subject of quite a few myths and legends over the years.

17). Zircon As A Jewelry Gemstone
This beautiful gemstone was once considered an economical, yet strikingly beautiful substitute for diamond and occurs naturally in yellows, browns, greens and can also be colorless.

18). Can I Catch A Disease Or Worms From My Puppy?
Dogs and puppies can pass germs, diseases and worms on to people, but it does not occur often. There are certain precautions that you can take to help prevent this from happening. First and foremost, make sure that the dog or puppy you are playing with looks healthy. Do not touch or contact an obviously sick dog.

19). Moonstone As A Gemstone
Moonstone is actually a variety of oligoclase crystal and is a member of feldspar family of minerals. Some folks also refer to oligoclase as sunstone and can be found in colors ranging from yellow to orange.

20). Affenhuahua Puppy & Dog Information
The Affenhuahua is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Affenpinscher and Chihuahua, classified as an F1.

21). Building Your Own Grandfather Clock from a Kit
The popularity of grandfather clocks has never been greater. Interchangeably referred to as tall case, long case or floor clocks, the venerable grandfather clock has been widely produced since the seventeenth century. Building your grandfather clock from a kit is now easier than ever.

22). Braided Rugs in Many Shapes and Sizes
The warmth and charm of country decor can be enhanced by adding braided area rugs to your home. From French country and shabby chic to a country cottage look, braided rugs are available in all shapes and sizes. Quality braided rugs are easy to care for and can last for many years.

23). Can You Recycle Vinyl Flooring?
The big push in the flooring business today is how to address the growing issue of recycling. Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of how their buying choices affect the environment both inside and outside their homes.

24). Do Not Remove Your Mattress Tag Under Penalty of Law
The infamous little tag on your mattress, bedding and other upholstered furniture has been the butt of jokes for decades. For years, many people actually believed that they would be breaking the law if the tag were removed.

25). The Ruby, Emerald And Saphire
Rubies and sapphires are composed of almost pure aluminum and oxygen and are members of the corundum family. The mineral is often called a ruby when it is red and a sapphire when it is blue.

26). Pendulum Clocks Swing Through History
The discovery of the pendulum is probably the single most important development in human timekeeping.

27). Pugapoo Puppy & Dog Information
The Pugapoo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Poodle and a Pug, classified as an F1.

28). History of Classic Grandfather Clock Chimes
If you own a long case clock such as a grandfather or grandmother clock, you no doubt have come to love the beauty of its tolling chimes. The classic chime tones that toll from many grandfather clocks have roots in history.

29). Havanese Puppy And Dog Information
The Havanese comes from Cuba where they were pampered lap dogs. They love people and are not above learning tricks to amuse us. They are known to be very obedient and they get along well with other dogs and pets.

30). How To Plant A Terrarium
There are many things to consider before you begin planting your terrarium.

31). Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy And Dog Information
The Rhodesian Ridgeback can live in an apartment if given sufficient long walks. They do best with a properly fenced in enclosure. This breed needs to be extensively socialized early if it is to get along with other pets and dogs.

32). How to Build an Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
For those homeowners who like a challenge and have the necessary skills, building a wood-fired pizza oven can be a rewarding do-it-yourself project.

33). Puggle Puppy & Dog Information
The Puggle is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Beagle and a Pug, classified as an F1.

34). Buying 100 Percent Egyptian Cotton Sheets
100 percent Egyptian cotton fabrics have long been known for durability, softness and quality. For a number of years, bed sheets, and other linen goods made from Egyptian cotton were not widely available.

35). Alexandrite As A Jewelry Gemstone
Alexandrite is considered to be a rare variety of the color change mineral known as chrysoberyl. The combination of rarity, spectacular color and hardness properties makes this stone highly prized and often quite costly to buy, especially for stones of a large size.

36). The Wood Can Make the Sauna
Hot air and steam in a small space has been used for thousands of years to relax, rejuvenate and repair.

37). Garnet As A Jewelry Gemstone
Garnet has a long and storied history dating back to before the Bronze Age. These stones have long been prized for their beauty and brilliance. These gemstones are used in creating jewelry and are used in industrial applications.

38). Pekingese Puppy And Dog Information
The Pekingese is a friendly, independent, low activity lap dog that will do well in an apartment or small house. They are very affectionate but still make good watch dogs. They can be wary of other dogs so they need to be extensively socialized early.

39). Futons Are a Reflection of Japanese Culture
One of the most flexible and portable sleep surfaces in the world is the futon. Originating in Japan, the futon has become a popular alternative to the traditional western mattress. The Japanese have long developed ingenious ways to maximize available space and the futon is a perfect example.

40). Can My Houseplants Or Landscaping Poison My Puppy Or Kitten?
The answer to this question is an emphatic yes, many plants can sicken or even kill your pets. I sincerely feel that stores and nurseries that sell plants should abide by some kind of national label system to identify potentially poisonous plants.

41). Bich Poo Puppy & Dog Information
The Bich Poo is a crossbreed variety of dog. This unique hybrid is the result of crossing a Bichon Frise and a Poodle, classified as an F1.

42). Dachshund Puppy And Dog Information
The Dachshund is good with older children as long as she has been socialized with them. She may not do well with cats and other pets as she was originally bred to hunt. She likes to be indoors and does not like harsh climates.

43). Stained Glass and Tiffany Style Lamps Evoke Nostalgia
Considered one of the great contributions to the Art Nouveau movement, stained glass lamps have remained very popular. With a characteristic stained glass shade, Tiffany lamps became the standard for these beautiful light fixtures.

44). Ornamental and Decorative Outdoor Thermometers are Hot
Metal reproductions of classic outdoor thermometers are hotter than ever. From famous makers of agricultural equipment to thermometers that feature Hollywood film stars. In addition to classic metal reproductions, outdoor thermometers come in many other shapes and sizes. Artists and designers have come up with an almost endless variety of fun themes.

45). Get Steamed In Your Own Personal Sauna
Few things feel as relaxing as time spent in your own personal sauna. More and more homeowners are adding the luxury of a home sauna which have become more affordable to buy and less expensive to operate thanks to improvements in materials and design.

46). Building Wooden Grandfather and Tall Case Clocks
Early long case clocks were often made entirely of wood, including the inner working or movement of the clock.

47). Rolex and Breitling Represent the Best in German and Swiss Watches
Rolex and Brietling wrist watches are said to be two of the finest in the world. Opinions abound but there is no disagreement about the popularity of these two watch brands.

48). Buy or Build a Terrarium
Like buying a house, buying a terrarium can boil down to a basic choice. The choices are whether to build your own or buy a unit that is already complete.

49). Shabby Chic Daybed Decor
If you are like me, decorating for comfort rather than style is important. Mismatched furniture, quaint country wall hangings and hand sewn comforters seem to find their way into our home like a litter of lost puppies.

50). What is a Clome Oven?
Used throughout medieval Europe and dating back to the Roman Empire, the clome oven was a fixture in many farmhouses and villages.

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