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1). Symbolism of the Hawaiian Flower Tattoo
Have you ever wondered why the Hawaiian flower is so popular at the tattoo parlor? Read on to see how it relates to Hawaiian culture.

2). Pros and Cons to Using a Check Cashing Store
Have you ever wondered why people use check cashing stores, when they can go to their bank and cash a check just as easily? We discuss the pros and cons of check cashing stores in depth.

3). Tips on Cunnilingus, Fellatio and Orgasms!
If you are wondering what I am going to share with you, then you are definitely in need of this article, especially after reading my teaser up there. I have shared many of my thoughts with you during the past few months. Mostly about females why`s and woe`s. I have had many men request that I give them more information on exactly what women like in the sex, and feelings department.

4). SEX, Self esteem, and ME !
Hmmm, my thoughts tonight will definitely be different from most of my blogs. I have touched on so many emotions in the past and I am still feeling the need to share yet another. I have spoken on women's issues mainly, yet trying to keep men on a fair plain, mainly due to the facts and studies that more women experience self-esteem issues and jealousy monsters than men.

5). Habits!

6). How do I reach an orgasm?
Is it OK to fake an Orgasm?

Is there something wrong with a woman that has not experienced an orgasm?

These are a couple of questions that I have been getting asked more and more, so I thought why not address them through my articles? As much as I have written this for my ladies, men you can benefit from reading this little bit of info also!

There is nothing physically wrong with women that have not experienced the big O! They simply just have not learned how.

7). Her Cries for help are Real!!
Throughout my dealings with women from all over the world, I have met so many that are in a prison of pain and frustration. Through my website, they search desperately for a way out of this prison. They want so desperately to be heard.

Her Cries for help are genuine.She is not inventing her worries, nor is she so bored with her life that she is imagining things and creating her own miseries.

8). A Fitter, Firmer, Self-esteem
A Fitter, Firmer, Self-esteem

9). Being Dumped, just plain sucks!
Hurricanes really suck. Even if they do not reach you, they still threaten your safety net. Florida survived last years attack of Mother Nature, so we are a little more courageous this year. Not much, but a little. I would love to meet the person that pissed her off (Mother Nature). Not only does she get even, but she does it with a vengeance. That's like PMS & Menopause all rapped up.

10). Give the Gift of Self esteem for Christmas!
Give the Gift of Self esteem for Christmas!

11). Battles against Media's idea of "The Perfect Woman"
The never ending battle against the Media and it`s bogus idea of the "PERFECT WOMAN". *sigh*
Lately I have been studying the media, reading articles, watching news, and looking for anything that I can find to make me feel that there is still hope for our world. If you have read any of my past blogs, then you will already know where my concerns lie.

12). Self-Love = Positive Self-esteem!
Self-esteem issues seems to be one of the strongest emotions that challenge many women today. It has become a woman's first worry when she awakens, and her last worry before she sleeps.

It is said that we are all born with a natural self-esteem, but through the worlds concerns about power and control, we have been trained to worry about what others think of us and how we can please them.

13). Why do Pretty Girls CRY?
As you can see this is going to be a very controversial article. Hey, I never, ever have anything but, controversial thoughts. what can I say? I was born this way. BITE ME!

Anyway, as I was drying my hair, my brain started to work. (scary!!) I was thinking about a few comments that I had heard from guys here and there regarding, "Why Pretty Girls Cry".

14). be FEMALE!!!
Being human is not an easy task, we tend to say these days, but I think it has been that way since day 1 of mankind.

But being FEMALE, now that's a challenge and a half. I have never been a guy, but from what I see and don`t get me wrong guys, I know that you have your hands full trying to co-habitate with us females.

Seriously though lets look at men from my side of the fence.

15). To Trust or not to Trust !
Trust is something we learn as very small babies. We trust the first person that we bond with and it grows from there. Have you ever noticed how cool kids are? They trust every little thing we say. They rarely question us when we tell them something.

Believing our every word; and why not? They have not been exposed to mistrust yet, not that they would recognize it at such an early age.

16). When is the Best Time to Travel to Hawaii?
Thinking about taking a trip to the islands? Find out when the best time of year is to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

17). Hate the Abuser, not the Abused!
Abuse is the most horrible attempt at power that I have ever researched! This is why:

The shame that is felt by an abused person is so deep that it takes years to unfold, then years to put in a safe place. Some never get that far. They turn to drugs, alcohol, and even eating disorders that tear their physical being apart. Some even repeat the same actions that were done to them with, their spouses or children.

18). New Technology to Eliminate Check Fraud
With technological advances, check cashers can rest easy with a new fingerprinting system. The new technology helps eliminate fraud in check cashing stores nationwide.

19). Food addiciton!
"Hi, I have had a weight problem all my life. But I think it is more of a pleasure problem It is also a self esteem of issue. Food was always a reward or "to keep me happy" kind of thing. Food is a happy gathering kind of thing... holidays.. going out to eat..sweet cakes on my birthday. Even as a baby I am sure that I was given food when I wasn't given personal attention.

20). FEELINGS!!!!

21). Advantages of Using an Online Cash Advance Lender
Get the inside scoop on the advantages of using an online cash advance lender. Make wise financial decisions after reading this article.


23). The Power of Self-Esteem!
Why are there so many women haunted by a low self-esteem ?
I have shared many thoughts through out my articles on feelings, jealousy, worries, fears, and self-esteem. Every day I receive mail from all over the world from women suffering from a lack of inner power to get through the day, due to a low self-esteem. It does not only affect their relationships at home, it also follows them into their work place, where they are being suffocated from a lack of confidence.

24). Payday Lending Responsibility - Time to Get to the Bottom Line
Payday lenders have specific responsibilities to protect themselves and the consumers. Are they following those responsibilities? What about the responsibilities of those who use the product and service? Find out where the problem generally lies.

25). Walking on egg shells !
Walking on egg shells! Has anyone ever told you, that's how they feel around you? If they have, it's a huge red flag and one that should not be ignored. It needs to be dealt with immediately.

Relationships are a tough challenging part of our lives. Especially when dealing with matters of the heart. As truly good as they make you feel, they can in turn tear you apart from the inside in a heartbeat.

26). PAT me please!!
PAT me please!!

27). Self-esteem Builds Female Athletes
Beads of sweat roll down her forehead as she rubs a very prominent muscle in her calve. Her breathing is deep and hard but steady as regains her focus to another place in order to numb the pain. She reaches into a place in her mind where she has stored an energy that only a dedicated athlete has come to know. An energy that will take her that extra distance to her finish mark.

28). Just love me!
Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake!

Have you ever felt like that? When I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be loved like that would just rule forever. Is that not what we are all yearning for? Do we not seek out LOVE from the second we breathe as an infant? We search our parents eyes for that look of LOVE.

29). Be His Gift of Self-esteem for Christmas
Be His Gift of Self-esteem for Christmas

30). Jealousy : A lonely place to be!
You really have to experience this emotion to understand its strong hold on a persons mind. Not only their mind, but their entire being.
I have been asking and asking questions regarding jealousy from people that experience it and people that have to deal with it through someone close to them.
I have written an article and I will let you read part of it before I continue with my thoughts.

31). Walls Of Communication!
Matters of the heart are a true mystery to all involved. In order to make a commitment to a relationship, it takes strength and trust in another. When we trust our partner and we receive trust back, it is a very nice feeling. One should never betray or play games with that trust. Those games usually get caught, and a broken trust will surely create a huge wall of communication breakdown.

32). Acceptance!
I was first thinking , when exactly does one start to yearn for acceptance?

Is it when we are born?

Is it when we first feel the pain of non-acceptance?

Is it when we begin to be challenged in sports?

Is it when we fall into the ever talked about `peer pressure`?

Is it when we fall in love?

Is it when we start a new job?

Is it when we.

33). Short-term Loans Can Provide a Quick Cash Infusion
When it comes to cash advances, they can provide you with a quick solution to your short-term money problems. When is it right for you? Explore these questions and how to get one here.

34). The Ugliness of Low Self Confidence!
How fine life would be if we all felt like a million dollars 24 hours a day,7 days a week! We would never, ever feeling like we have woken up in a pit, full of self confidence lows, having the energy to just jump out of bed and meet the day with loads of enthusiasm and knowing that we are going to get through the day without worries of any kind. The sun will shine all day, with just enough breeze to keep our bodies cool.

35). WOMEN (What We Are)
WOMEN are a good thing!

WOMEN are soft!

WOMEN are sensuous!

WOMEN are sexy!

WOMEN are sweet tasting!

WOMEN are fun to play with!

WOMEN are pleasing to the eye!

WOMEN are strong!

WOMEN are child bearers!

WOMEN are much needed mates!

WOMEN are an emotional species!

WOMEN are the passion of men!

WOMEN are beautiful to men!

WOMEN are temptresses!


36). Mind Games!
Have you ever been caught up in a thought that will not let you out? Escape is not an option. What was a simple drip in your pool of thoughts, quickly turned into an ocean of tidal waves rolling into each, over and over again.This is what it feels like to not have positive control over your mind.

Our minds often repeat hurtful thoughts or scenarios over and over, even when we'd much rather let them go.

37). Fight for your Self-Worth!
Self-Worth; this is a word that is so much easier to say, and spell then it is to feel!

Why do so many women feel that they have no self-worth?
How did they lose it?

Is it because of the way the world has portrayed the perfect woman today?

Is it because someone took it from them?

Is that the void some fill by over eating?

Did their partner breach.

38). Who Uses Payday Loans?
The payday loans industry is under some pretty big scrutiny by legislature recently. But, who uses their services and when is it appropriate? Get educated on the industry before you begin to judge it.

39). Feel Good Tips!!
Feel Good Tips!!

40). "You are killing US with YOUR jealousy"
So far I have enlightened the world with my thoughts on jealousy and self-esteem. I want to clear up any misunderstandings that may have some male people thinking that I am targeting only women here. Jealousy and self-esteem issues also can imprison men as well as women. No one is excused from real human emotions. Emotions know no face, color, size or gender.

41). Survival
Survival is one of the most demanding and challenging issues that we face as humans!

Survival challenges us through many different issues such as: child abuse, sexual abuse, birth, death, job loss, health problems, low self-esteem, relationship ups and downs, parenting, deceptions, breakdowns, poverty, natural disasters, education, addictions and even our own desires to be strong.

42). How to Find a Payday Loan
Payday loans are a great resource for those in an emergency. But, where should you look to find one that is appropriate for you? Get educated on the process that is sure to prove successful.

43). Payday Leads Work Wonders for Lenders
Ever wonder how some lenders grow their businesses so rapidly without showing up first on search engines? Read on to find out how lenders are utilizing payday lead providers to grow their business quickly.

44). Anger and Hurt; another lonely place!
Being human can really be challenging, to say the least. We feel emotions with every breath we take, every move we make. Some emotions are so sweet that we never want to lose that feeling. Other emotions cause us so much anger and hurt that we are paralyzed with pain.

Our minds use anger as a memory of a hurt that we have experienced. The memory is usually due to the fact that we neglected to express our hurt at the time for one reason or another.

45). 5 Essential Tips to Finding the Right Payday Lender
Michael New Jr. dishes the inside scoop on the 5 most important things to understand when choosing a payday lender.

46). What Types of Payday Lenders Are Available?
When it comes to payday lending, there are two types of lenders, in-store and online. Which one is right for you? Where should you go to get the money you need today?

47). CONTROL...who exactly is being controlled?
I was boggled as to what exactly I wanted to share with my article lovers tonight. I had a plan, then one of my members commented in my self esteem website. Well, in short, my mind would not let her comment rest. It was a sentence regarding, "CONTROL". Here it is:

"If I canít trust my spouse to keep their sexual promise to me why am I in this relationship? I don't ever want to "control" another person's life.

48). Payday Lending vs. Bank Overdraft Fees
A common misconception amongst the media today is the fact that payday lending preys on the poor and uneducated masses. Michael New Jr. refutes these arguments and gives an example of a recent customer as an example of someone who should have used a payday loan.

49). Payday Loan Leads Are a Great Way to Grow Your Business
When looking for a payday loan lead company, there are several factors to consider. Please make sure you read on to find out the necessary tips to pick the best possible lead providers.

50). Steps You Can Take to Get Your Interest Rates Lowered
Tired of credit companies ripping you off with high interest rates? Learn the secrets to getting them to lower your rates saving you hundreds or thousands in finance charges.

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