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1). Gymnastics Basics: The Horizontal Bar
The horizontal bar in gymnastics is one of the most difficult pieces of apparatus. The requirements of strength, timing, coordination, and daring - typical of gymnastics - seem to be somewhat exemplified on the horizontal bar. As in all life situations, the element of danger is present but, as with all gymnastics, if approached in a progressive manner the element of danger can be reduced.

2). How To Referee Volleyball
In every sport the officials are an important part of the game. Upon their judgment, many times, rests the outcome of the game or match. Volleyball is no exception to this rule. Having alert, decisive, and discerning officials can make the difference between a good or poor tournament.

3). The Importance Of A Christian Honeymoon
To help the newly married couple make the new and more intimate adjustments to each other that marriage requires, a honeymoon of some fashion is planned.

4). Easy Shortcuts in Business Arithmetic
There are several ways business arithmetic can be managed using short cuts. Two of the most common, mark downs and mark ups, are outlined below.

5). Six Common Hair Problems Solved
These are some of the most frequently encountered hair problems and their solutions.

6). How To Build Various Types of Huts
Learn to build a bush hut, one of the simplest forms of primitive shelter. Use the resources all around you to create your own secret hiding place.

7). Choosing The Right Underlining Fabric
AN UNDERLINING of firm, lightweight, pre-shrunk fabric is used to back a section of a garment, or the complete garment, depending on design and fabric. Most fabrics, such as soft silks, matt jersey, wool jersey, woolens, lace, fine cottons, linen and knit fabrics, should be underlined for good fit and shape retention.

8). How To Make A Scale Drawing
Because as a draftsman everything you draw must be drawn accurately to some scale, it is essential that you become thoroughly familiar with scale drawing.

9). The Secret Formula To Picking A Million Dollar Forex Trading Strategies
All successful traders have forex trading strategies that they follow to make profitable trades. These forex trading strategies are generally based on a strategy that allows them to find good trades. And the strategy is based on some form of market analysis. Successful traders need some way to interpret and even predict the movements of the market.

10). Judo Grappling Tips and Tricks
The term grappling is often inaccurately called ne-ivaza, which refers only to techniques of grappling performed in a sitting or lying position. The correct word is katame-waza, which refers to the execution of grappling techniques in a standing position (that is, locks and strangles) as well as in a lying position. Grappling is classified into three forms.

11). Necessary Precautions to Consider When Coaching Amateur Boxing
There are a number of necessary precautions that must be taken when engaging in boxing. In boxing, as in any other contact sport, close supervision is imperative to avoid unnecessary accidents.

12). Unlock the Secrets of the Art of Judo
With the rapid expansion of interest in judo throughout the world today, there has developed a need for more understanding of the art and science of this sport. The terms jujitsu and judo are common to our knowledge, but the difference in their meaning is not too clear.

13). The Basics of Skiing
There are various techniques important in learning to ski. Below are some of the essential ones you will need to know.

14). Make Your WWI Plane Replicas Accurately
It is surprising and somewhat disappointing to witness the astounding number of scale replicas of aircraft that sport incorrect color schemes. This is not just a matter of small details but of the overall color scheme which ruins an otherwise beautiful model. We shall now endeavor briefly to summarize the outstanding color schemes used by the principal air powers during the First World War.

15). Exercises to Help with the Golf Backswing
Before you properly set up alongside the ball in a position from which to commence the first operation in swinging the club, you would do well to get started with some excellent exercises which will help with your backswing.

16). Breathing: The Key To Speaking
Correct management of the breath is of first importance to the student of elocution, and for all those wishing to speak publicly. These breathing and relaxation exercises will undoubtedly give you the edge for improving your public speaking!

17). How to Make Healthy Uncooked Soups
Food is devitalized when it is subject to excessive heat and chemical processing. It loses no value when it is air dried, frozen, warmed, smoked, or pickled with natural spices, organic substances, salt and water; nor when it is transported, or gathered unripe.

18). How to Improve Your Speed in Math
Hard though this may be to believe, if you use the following method for addition, you will greatly increase your speed.

19). Football Basics: Delivering the Ball
On the assumption that you use either the overhand, or thumb method of holding the ball, the thing to consider is the delivery. For a start, the arm and hand are cocked backwards over the shoulder, elbow relatively close to the body, hand well back to where it feels comfortable and natural. Then, fire the ball forward as fast as you can.

20). How To Start A Good Conversation
Imagine the scene... You have been looking forward to this great get together for a long time and are keen to impress everyone there. You arrive on time and your horror you become tongue-tied!

21). Hot Tips for Successful Online Forex Trading - Part 2
In the first article in this series, I passed on several tips to help you become a successful trader.

22). How To Shoot Craps
The basics of craps must be understood before you can attempt to play and be successful. Using these tips in this article, you will not only understand but conquer the basics and aspects of craps.

23). Wood Carving Explained
In learning to carve wood it is a very good plan to start with a few basic shapes so before trying anything complex, start with these few basic exercises to get you on your way1

24). Tricks for Hunting Deer
Deer hunting, an art and a sport, has many tricks which the novice should try to discover as soon as possible. Some of these essential tips and tricks are outlined below.

25). The Advantages Of Cremation Services
Reading this, you are no doubt either mourning for a loved one, or thinking about the fragility of human life. Either way, you are not in a happy state. However, you are here based on what the title says, and that means you are thinking of getting cremation services done rather than a traditional burial. So let's get on with it shall we?

26). Sculpting A Human Figure
There are many sculptures which can be made from clay. Here are instructions to make a human figure using coil construction.

27). Two Easy-to-Make Hats
Here are two easy to make hats: a starched lace hat and a crownless brim hat. Both are attractive and will be a pleasure to wear.

28). The Idiots Guide to a Killer Checkers Strategy
There you are, sitting across from your opponent. You overlook the 12 men in front of you. You are playing checkers. You want to really show this guy what for you need a strategy.

29). How to Clean Walls and Ceilings
Walls and ceilings are to be found in every room of the house, so it is important to know how to clean them thoroughly. Once you have clean walls, your whole house will take on a new, fresh feeling.

30). How To Maintain "Meadow Lawns"
The word lawn can and should have more than one meaning for you if you own a fairly large piece of land (perhaps one or two acres or more, depending on the layout). A well-groomed turf is important around the house, but it may not be necessary to give the same pampering to outlying parts of the property.

31). Using Concealed Defense Strategies in Basketball
There is nothing more embarrassing to a basketball coach than to spend an entire game attacking a man-for-man defense - then learn the opponents used a zone. Those coaches who have been in the game for any length of time will probably recall just such an affair. The object of concealing the defense is to confuse the opponents so they will attack with the least appropriate offense.

32). How To Successfully Deliver A Speech
In considering how best to deliver a speech, it is desirable that a speaker should have some knowledge of the people he is to address. It will be to his advantage to know something of their range of thought and their likes and dislikes. He should also know something of the occasion.

33). A Short History of Hairdressing
Hairdressers have always moved among commoners and kings, but they have achieved their greatest popularity at three points in history: shortly before the decline of Greece, just before the French Revolution - and today.

34). How To Make Fondant And Cream Candies
Fondant and cream candies are simple and delicious candies which can be made perfectly after a little practice. This article provides recipes to make the perfect little treat for any occasion.

35). Discover The Wonders Of Egyptian Wood Carving
Wood is a perishable material and has not the same continuous history as stone. Ancient stone carvings are still unearthed; Greek bronzes are still being fished out of the sea. But wood will not survive neglect and must be specially cared for if it is to endure. There are many gaps - many civilizations which have no wood carvings to represent them.

36). Decorating A Cake With Scenery
Create stunning cakes for any special event with these delightful tips and tricks. Landscape your cakes like a pro!

37). The Serve In Volleyball Explained
In volleyball, the serve is the act of putting the ball in play by a player sounds simple, but actually it describes one of the most important plays in the game of volleyball. The underhand and the overhand serves are described below.

38). Learn Savate Style Self Defense
Although Savate is primarily the art of foot fighting, the hands do play a part in this technique. The use of the hands to fight as a sport can be traced back over five thousand years. During the Greek era, hand fighting, or as we know it, boxing, flourished through the use of gloves with metal spikes.

39). Coaching and Strategy in Baseball
School teams have one coach who directs all play, offensively and defensively. He usually sits on the bench and gives signals to the first-base and third-base coaches, who in turn pass them on to the batter or base-runner.

40). A Brief Look At The Beginning Of Kite History
Kite flying is one of the oldest pastimes in the world. No one can say with certainty precisely how old it is, but we do know that it goes back for many centuries, and that the beginnings of the story have an eastern setting.

41). Contributory Factors to Marital Discord Explained
The most common contributory factors of marital discord are the intra-personal. The intra-personal factors will include those which are concerned with the personalities of the two partners and their fitness in various ways for the stresses and strains of marriage.

42). Baseball Basics: How to Field
A team that has players who can throw and catch fly balls and grounders better than its opponents, and can come up with the clutch fielding play, is going to be hard to beat. The team that has the most agile fielders - those players who have fast reflexes and can change direction in a split second - will also have the better fielders.

43). Essential Sewing Equipment Explained
The cave woman of prehistoric times used a fishbone with a hole in it for a needle, and a tough animal sinew for thread. In like fashion, modern women can sew with only a needle and thread.

44). Understanding The Forces Involved in Judo
Many forces can be used in judo, but muscular force and the force of gravity are two of the most crucial. This article will help you to understand these two forces that are so critical to judo.

45). Aid Study Secrets Only Top Students Know About
There is a big test coming up. You know you need to study, but how? What is the most effective way to retain information? Some say it makes a difference what color ink you have in your pen. Red ink helps you remember, while notes written in blue ink are supposed to help you retain the information.

46). Defensive Tactics In Basketball Explained
Understanding the defense in basketball is crucial to being successful playing the game. This article will help you to understand the basic tactics and learn how to succeed in the game of basketball.

47). The History of Oak
About fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types. One writer called his books on the subject The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany and The Age of Satinwood.

48). How To Use The Cupping Technique
Cupping is a medical practice that can be done at home and is used to heal all kinds of ailments and disorders including bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, boils, swellings, rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago.

49). Discover How to Dance Variations of the Waltz
The standard Waltz following the mode of the day becomes more old-fashioned each moment. However, there is a new idea of combining two figures of the Boston and then a few figures of the Hesitation and then the Lame Duck, which again changes to the standard step.

50). Qualities of Fabrics Explained
Fabrics are ever new and an inspiration to one who sews. Each year, new developments in synthetic fibers and in the blending of synthetic and pure fibers offer many exciting variations in textures and designs.

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