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Jeff Mueller Profile and Articles

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1). The Different Types of Journals
Learn about the different types of journals that exist and the different purposes they serve.

2). Famous Historical Diaries
Learn about famous historical diaries and what they can teach us.

3). Why Private School? A Look at the Potential Benefits
Learn the benefits and reasons of choosing a private school for your child.

4). Different Types of Family Trees
Learn about the different types of family trees, and the methods for creating them.

5). Effective Journaling Tips
Tips and techniques for creating a more meaningful and worthwhile personal journal.

6). Avoiding Fraud Through Safe Shopping

Online fraud is an increasing problem that can be avoided. Every year more and more people shop online, and every year seems to bring more ways to tr

7). The Difference Between Diaries, Journals & Blogs
Learn the differences between diaries, journals, and blogs and why each serves a different purpose.

8). Why Boarding School?
Is boarding school right for you? Learn about the things you should consider and the unique benefits of a boarding school education.

9). Boarding School for International Students
Learn the benefits of boarding school for international students.

10). What is a Diary or Journal?
What exactly is a diaries or journal? Learn the differences and uses of each.

11). What is Genealogy?
Learn all about genealogy, how it has evolved, and what tools are available to help families in their research.

12). Why Keep a Journal or Diary?
Learn all the different health, motivational, and practical reasons why people keep a journal or diary.

13). Boarding School Myths
Learn the truth about common boarding school myths.



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