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1). Origin and History of the Circular Table Saw
No one knows exactly who invented the circular saw blade but the theories are interesting and varied.

2). How To Install Baseboard Molding
A quick primer in replacing old baseboards with new molding.

3). New in Plastic Surgery: Virtual Reality Breast Augmentation Software
Plastic surgeons are using 3D imaging to give patients a more realistic expectation of breast enhancement results

4). Fireplace Design Ideas - Types Of Fireplaces
Types of fireplaces such as masonry, gas, electric, pre fabricated and woodstoves are available today. Fireplace design ideas depend on factors such as the area to be covered and the purpose that it needs to serve.

While masonry fireplaces in which natural wood is burnt might be a common sight in old, large houses, gas fireplaces are the most common these days because they are easy to install and use.

5). The New Jersey Tax on Plastic Surgery
Did you know that New Jersey is the only state that has put a tax on certain medical procedures?

6). Do Home Air Ducts Really Need to Be Cleaned
Examines the pros and cons of those air duct vacuuming services that claim cleaner ducts means you are breathing safer air in your home.

7). Some Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips
Before you call the AC repair guy, try these free steps to get your central air conditioner working again.

8). Easiest Ways to Finance Home Improvement Projects
There are different ways to raise or gain the financing you need to improve you home in order to sell it.

9). Gas Fire Place - Do You Really Need One?
Efficient operations of a ventless gas fireplace can be expected only by regular maintenance of a fireplace. You should have a certified chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney as and when necessary. It is a good idea to learn how to inspect it on your own as well and keep checks at regular intervals. The chimney should be checked at least once a year or after approximately eighty fires.

10). Cheap Magazine Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift
Imagine giving a gift to someone you love which can be distributed equally through out the year and he or she can enjoy the gift for a really long time! If that is your idea for a gift, then cheap magazine subscriptions are an excellent way to get started. I this idea sounds new to you, you will be surprised to know that it has been around for quite some time and today there are dedicated websites which cater to such gifting ideas.

11). The Five Most Important Table Saw Safety Tips
Table saws are very useful but also very dangerous tools. There are hundreds of ways to be safe, but here are the five most important ways to stay safe with a table saw.

12). Should You Buy a New or Used Table Saw
Purchasing a used table saw can save you money but there are many advantages to buying a new saw as well.

13). The Different Types of Nose Jobs
There are two ways a rhinoplasty procedure can be performed. One has a longer recovery time but can give better results while another has a shorter recovery time but has some limitations.

14). Ventless Gas Fireplace Taking Care Of Yours
Efficient operations of a ventless gas fireplace can be expected only by regular maintenance of a fireplace. You should have a certified chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney as and when necessary. It is a good idea to learn how to inspect it on your own as well and keep checks at regular intervals. The chimney should be checked at least once a year or after approximately eighty fires.

15). Making Bead Jewelry for Senior Citizens
There are special considerations to think about when making jewelry for older people

16). Plastic Surgery Can Raise Your...Salary?
Improving your looks can actually increase how much you are paid at your job.

17). Cheap Ways to Cool Your Home
Here are some inexpensive things you can do around your house to keep it cool in the heat.

18). Four Types of Table Saws
Here is a brief description of each type of table saw and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

19). How To Pick A Spyware Removal Program
There are lots of features and things to consider before purchasing a program to protect your computer from unwanted spyware and adware.

20). Three Great Ways to Promote Your Bead Jewelry Business
Here are three unconventional ways to get your bead jewelry noticed and sold

21). How To Buy Wholesale Craft Supplies
The basics of what you need to buy raw materials for art and craft businesses wholesale and sell them retail.

22). Grow Your Bead Jewelry Business With Non-Traditional Pieces
If you want to set yourself apart from other jewelry artists then you should leave the bracelets and necklaces behind and concentrate on making more unique items out of traditional jewelry materials.

23). How To Find A Plastic Surgeon
Tips on the best way to find a qualified and certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.

24). How To Refinish Wood Furniture
A brief primer on how to strip, sand and put a new finish on a piece of wooden furniture

25). How To Choose the Right Table Saw
There are lots of factors to consider before purchasing a table saw.

26). Free Magazine Subscriptions
Free Magazine Subscriptions

27). Fireplace Kit - Safety Guidelines
Fireplace kits require regular maintenance to ensure high efficiency and safety. The hole at the top of the chimneys is covered by a chimney cap that prevents external matter from entering. This cap must be replaced in case it is damaged or missing.

For fireplace kits, an effective way to make sure that the outer mortar between the bricks is intact is by shining a flashlight down the chimney to look at the mortar inside.

28). How To Get Started Making Bead Jewelry
Learning how to make jewelry with beads can be overwhelming at first. Here are some ways you can quickly learn the basics of jewelry making.

29). Decorative Fireplace - Where The Family Meets
Fire has energy of its own and has always been a necessary element in human life. Building a fire has gone from a necessity to a luxury and with time a decorative fireplace has been proven to have a certain inexplicable quality that brings about a soothing feeling. Since the Victorian era fireplaces have been used to add a hint of class and sophistication to the home.

30). An Introduction to Portable Table Saws
Bench top table saws are portable saws which are ideal for beginner woodworkers but still have some drawbacks.

31). Discount Magazine Subscriptions Lightning Speed Entertainment
If you are an avid reader and like to be updated about all things happening around you and in the world, magazines are the way to go. They provide rapid education on topics which might not be your main knowledge area and provide you the latest updates on them. Over a period of time, you are sure to develop a set of magazines which you like to read and thus it is best that you take up a discount magazine subscription.

32). Secured vs. Unsecured Home Improvement Loan
There are different types of home improvement loans that you can choose from, each with its own advantages.

33). Make Money Repairing Jewelry
If you can make jewelry then you can offer repair services as well.

34). Why Hardware Store Credit Cards Can Be A Good Idea
Not all credit cards are bad. If you have a large home project planned then a home improvement store card can save you a lot of money.

35). How to Pay For Your Plastic Surgery
To afford the high cost of plastic surgery many people have to get creative in how they raise the money needed.

36). How To Make Money Selling Holiday Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry with a Holiday theme is always popular and you can be sure you make a profit by buying your supplies at a deep discount.

37). Magazine Online Subscriptions Staying Up to Date
Online commerce and content distribution has changed the face of the publishing industry and most well known magazines have an online version available. However, if you are still a firm believer of reading a magazine when reclining on a lazy-boy then you can go ahead and subscribe to the print version of the magazine. However, the process of subscribing.

38). Tips for Keeping Your Central Air Conditioner Running
A few simple maintenance steps can help your central AC last longer

39). Get a Home Improvement Loan with Bad Credit
Some ways of improving your changes of getting a home improvement loan even if you have a bad credit score

40). Three Heat Troubleshooting Steps
If your heating system breaks down this winter you can try these important steps before paying for a professional

41). Top 5 Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Home Value
A few affordable home improvements can help you sell your home for more money that you might think.

42). How To Use An Online Home Improvement Loan Calculator
There are lots of free online calculators that make it easy for you to investigate the terms of a loan for your home improvement project before you talk to a bank.

43). Three Great Interior Home Improvement Projects for the Fall
The mild weather of fall makes it the perfect time to complete some home improvement projects before the rush of the winter holidays.

44). When You Should Avoid A Home Improvement Loan
A home improvement loan can be a good idea, but there are times when they are not necessary and possibly harmful to your financial situation.

45). Magazine Subscription Companies Gobbled by the Net?
The advent of aggressive marketing by magazines to garner subscribers seems to be a tactic to raise the falling rate of subscriptions. One of the main reasons for the low volume in subscriptions for magazine companies is that the internet is acting as a source of information for many people and they turn to the online versions of the publications which are usually free.

46). A Small Home Improvement Loan Can Sell Your Home...and Make You Money
A few judicious upgrades to your home can increase your chances of selling your home and allow raise your selling price.

47). Four Ways Save Money While Cooling Your Home This Summer
During the summer heat your air conditioner is probably running non-stop. Here are some ways to help cool your home and give your AC a must needed break.

48). Surprising Plastic Surgery Trends
Over the past seven years some plastic surgery procedures have become surprisingly more popular for a variety of remarkable reasons.

49). Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Improve Your Home
The bursting of the housing bubble is creating favorable opportunities for people who have been putting off those large home improvement projects.

50). Get Paid for Home Improvements with a Reverse Mortgage
A reverse mortgage will pay you for the equity value in your house which can be used to increase its selling value

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