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1). Mali is a Poor Country
The country has stunning desert landscapes, lovely mud buildings from mosques to granaries.

2). The Best City in France to Live
Nantes is also known for its crepes

3). Brazil is a Country in South America
There are many excellent destinations for rafting throughout Brazil. By raft you are able to reach natural attractions impossible to travel to by foot, all the while surrounded by lush vegetation, and wildlife.

4). The City that Lies on the River Ob
Lenina Square is the main sight in Novosibirsk

5). The First City in USA to have a Black Mayor
NEW World of Coca Cola, is a popular attraction

6). Burma Shares Borders With Thailand
Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world.

7). Seoul Capital of South Korea
At first glance, it is a big, crowded, noisy mega city full of glass and concrete sky scrapers and traffic clogged multi lane highways.

8). The Birth Place of Napoleon Bonaparte
Most villages are set back from the sea

9). Cyclone Season in Mauritius
Mauritius remained uninhabited until the 16th century, allowing it to develop into one of the worlds biodiversity hotspots.

10). Akron is a City in Summit County
Akron is the centre of a metropolitan area that includes the cities of Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge and Stow and several villages.

11). Los Angele The Largest City in California
The original name of the city was The Village of Our Lady the Queen of Angels, but the name was shortened for obvious reasons.

12). Opal Mining Town in Australia
The name Coober Pedy comes from the local Aboriginal term kupa piti, which means white man in a hole.

13). The Place of Geordies
Newcastle has a reputation for being a fun loving city.

14). The Home of the Jarrow Marchers
Jarrow is in the North East of England not far from Newcastle

15). Beautiful Lake of Garda
Lake Garda has fantastic scenery with high mountains to the north and beautiful cosmopolitan towns that lie on the shores of the lake.

16). Samoa Has a Well Developed Tourist Infrastructure
There are just a handful of small beach resorts along the south and west coast of Upolu and youll find plenty of quaint beach bungalows all around the islands, each one with thatch roofs and coconut fronds as walls and most operated by local families on traditional village land.

17). Seven Wonders of Wales
The physical shape of the place has in turn shaped the history of settlement in Wales. Culture, exercise, adventure or peace and quiet, theyre all here.

18). Jeddah is in Saudi Arabia
Jeddah is a wealthy, thriving cosmopolitan city with every luxury and world class facilities.

19). Madeira Life Quite Slow
Drawn by curiosity concerning what looked like a dark cloud, the mariners sailed into a breathtakingly beautiful bay and high green mountain.

20). The City that was Destroyed and Rebuilt
Smoking is banned in public areas

21). The Great Mosque of Djenne
Djenne is a historically and commercially important small city in the Niger Inland Delta of central Mali.

22). Popular Tourist Spots in Cyprus
For the young we have the centre

23). Unique Plants of Namaqualand
Explore Namaqualand with its sleepy fishing villages on the Atlantic coast.

24). Copenhagen is a Vibrant City
Copenhagen is a vibrant, modern city whose fascinating past coexists with the very latest trends in architecture, design and fashion. This is a city that presents its myriad attractions against a waterside backdrop that helps make it of one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe.

25). Tourist Attractions in Whitehorse
The centre of its mining and forestry industries, and a bustling, welcoming stop off for thousands of summer visitors.

26). China is a Land of Superlatives
China is a land of superlatives, encompassing the Yangtze River, the Silk Road, the bamboo forests of the giant panda and misty peaks immortalised in traditional ink paintings.

27). Sahara Desert Has One of the Lowest Population Densities
Over 25 percent of the Saharas surface is covered by sand sheets and dunes. The Sahara is sparsely covered with various types of vegetation.

28). Ericeira Has Fine Seafood Restaurants
Its fine seafood restaurants have made the town very popular as a place to enjoy an evening out with friends.

29). Natural Attractions in Algeria
Algeria is a vast country offering tourists a wide selection of attractions and activities.

30). The City of the Nazi Party Rallies
the War Crimes Trials

31). Visual Arts in Kuwait
Kuwait has a large variety of customs and traditions and this gives rise to a colourful and extensive culture.

32). Turkmenistan is Located in Central Asia
Tourist facilities, especially outside of the capital city of Ashgabat, are not highly developed.

33). Toluca is The Capital of Mexico
Toluca while not exactly a tourist must see is still well worth the effort of a visit, especially the Cosmovitral, at the Jardin Botanico, a truly beautiful work of art in glass.

34). The Crocodiles Area of Australia
Crocodylus Park is the place in Australia to come face to face with crocodiles

35). The Fishing Village Of Kaunolu
The coastline is riddled with natural features called sea arches which were formed when hot lava cooling when it hit the ocean.

36). Djibouti Currently Hosts the United States Military Base
The country is a barren strip of land, much of it white sandy beaches. Inland is semi desert and desert, with thorn bushes, steppes and volcanic mountain ranges.

37). Edinburgh the Capitail of Scotland
Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437

38). The Home to Hovis Bread
It stands on the River Bollin and the Macclesfield Canal.

39). Tehran in Northern Iran Has Tourist Attractions
Tourist attractions such as museums, shopping centres, art galleries and palaces. Leisure facilities for its inhabitants include parks and theatres.

40). North Devon Beautiful Landscapes
It is a region of the county with such a variety of beautiful countryside scenes rolling hills, hidden woodlands, spectacular rivers, rocky coves.

41). Sudan is the Largest Country in Africa
As there are so few tourists in Sudan there arent really any tourist traps.

42). Argostoli is the Capital of Kefalonia
Go back in time to the Gods, Visit Argostoli in Kefalonia

43). Kiribati is a Group of Islands
Many of the people of Kiribati continue in the traditional ways of village life with their extended families.

44). Philippines Have Active Volcanoes
Philippines is of volcanic origin, it has more than 20 active volcanoes, and regularly experiences earthquakes.

45). Sedona is a Beautiful Vacation
The village of Sedona is located in the midst of this scenic splendour surrounded by cascading mountain streams, lush green meadows, and forested hillocks all dominated by the imposing red rock formations.

46). Tanzania Tribal Diversity in Africa
The country includes all of the major ethnic and linguistic groups on the continent an amazingly varied population to inhabit a single country.

47). Santo Domingo the Dominican Republics Capital
Considerably larger and more cosmopolitan than most Caribbean destination cities, offers its visitors the same sun and surf as other islands plus sophisticated nightlife and world class sports facilities.

48). The Republic Capital of Albania
The Albanians prefer sipping coffee to serious drinking.

49). Kenya is Notable for its Geographical Variety
The low lying, fertile coastal region, fringed with coral reefs and islands, is back by a gradually rising coastal plain, a dry region covered with thorn bush.

50). Top of The World is Nepal
The Maya Devi temple, the place where Maya Devi gave birth to the lord Buddha.

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