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1). Stop Daydreaming about Having More and Grasp a Hen That Lays Golden Eggs
Most people would like to have more . . . and know just what they would spend more money on. They would do better to find a way instead to create more with limited effort.

2). Banish that Helpless Feeling When Trends Turn Negative
Helplessness is a state of mind, fueled by emotion. You can take practical steps to banish that feeling and move toward valuable solutions.

3). Improve to the Nth Degree and Reap Exponential Rewards
Some opportunity areas offer better rewards for breakthroughs. This article explains how to test various breakthrough choices to find the ones that will be the most rewarding.

4). Are You Best Suited by One Strategy or Two for Eliminating Obstacles to Exponential Growth
Efficiency favors one strategy for expanding growth, but sometimes you get better results by following two complementary strategies. This article looks at how to decide which approach is better.

5). Measure the Right Factors About Future Powerful Trends
Many people find it challenging to anticipate what the state-of-the-art will be in understanding and forecasting powerful trends. This article provides some ideas of what to look for.

6). Follow the Rainbow Path to the Pot of Gold Delivered by Rapid Growth
Small businesses cannot use the same methods that giants do to increase growth. This article looks at what can be done by small businesses to locate better growth paths.

7). Reduce Costs to Help Your Beneficiaries Gain More Help
A nonprofit organization needs to be efficient as well as caring. This article looks a how business model innovation can expand what a nonprofit organization can afford to provide for beneficiaries.

8). Seek Out Ugly Ducklings to Find the Best Profit Opportunities
If something smells and looks bad, few will go near. Yet that unattractive mess may be a jackpot in disguise as Alexander Fleming discovered in finding out more about bread mold ... and producing penicillin. Chances are your competitors are ignoring the same areas, and you can leap ahead and end up smelling like roses by diving into understanding what everyone else avoids.

9). Overcome Ignorance to Find Great Ways to Eliminate Obstacles to Profit Growth
Companies are like spring-loaded catapults poised to push profit growth rapidly forward. But someone has to unleash the spring, obstacles to profit growth, before that profit expansion can be enjoyed.

10). Be Wise Like an Owl in Choosing Your Breakthrough Directions
Many leaders set their targets for breakthroughs in the wrong areas. As a result, they miss the opportunity to make greater improvements from the same time, money, and effort. This article provides a plan for making better choices of breakthrough targets.

11). Use Symbols to Inspire Breakthrough Progress
This article explores how creating new symbols helps focus attention on a breakthrough project.

12). Instill a Spirit of Teamwork and Cooperation for Mutual Advantage
Stakeholders of an organization can accomplish more by cooperating than by standing at arms-length. This article explores the advantages of such cooperation.

13). Launching an Academic Career by Enjoying More Academic Freedom through Online Learning
Many people would like to enjoy the prestige and comfortable life of a professor. Many find the thought of spending many years laboring under academic advisors with whom they do not agree to be uncomfortable. Flexible online study can open the door to such fine careers.

14). Go from Thought Experiments to Testing Strategies for Exponential Growth
Most strategies cannot be implemented. By starting with thought experiments, you can improve the odds but tests are still needed to confirm the validity of a strategy.

15). Take a Close Look: Then Work to Change Wrong Views and Actions
You can change the world. A good place to begin is by questioning the "official" views and getting your hands dirty to determine what the real causes of problems are.

16). Overcome Mistrust of Your Motives and Performance to Gain Many More Customers
Customers have been abused for so long by so many organizations that they are reluctant to trust again. That makes them not want to buy from you. This article addresses how to overcome that mistrust.

17). The Seven Dimensions of a a Business Model
"Experts" are fond of telling entrepreneurs to have an advantaged business model, but seldom define what a business model is. This article provides a clear definition that can be used to start thinking about how to create an advantaged business model

18). Keep Outsourcing Relationships Short Term
Long-term outsourcing can be hazardous to your profits. You may miss a chance to switch to a better outsourcer.

19). Are You on the Yellow Brick Road to Success?
Each organization can find an optimal route to success after considering how irresistible forces will affect its activities.

20). Consider How Much Advance Warning You Need of Changed Conditions
Your selection of a barometer to anticipate shifts in irresistible forces should be influenced both by its accuracy and by how much advance warning of the change you want to anticipate the barometer provides.

21). Who, What, and Where You Provide Your Offerings Have Huge Profit Effects
This article looks at the interaction of customer selection and location with the type of offerings you provide for impacting profits and growth potential.

22). Avoid Incorrect Methods of Identifying Outsourcing Choices
Outsourcing can be very helpful if you pick the right areas to look and locate the best suppliers. Otherwise, you make things worse by spending time on outsourcing.

23). Boxed In: Which Way Are We Going?
Leaders can easily define paths for growth that actually restrict the potential to expand. Wise leaders will be more careful to avoid getting boxed in.

24). Key Methods for Identifying, Anticipating, and Adapting to Changes in Powerful Trends
Questions in this article will help you gain the most profit from irresistible forces.

25). Profitably Expand into the Best New Products and Services
You have a business that needs new products and services. What should you offer? This article explains how to think about that important question.

26). Build Your Business Model to Expand the Market Faster
Insights into cost reduction often come from market development. You also need to incorporate those insights into your business model in order to gain the most cost reduction.

27). Use Outsourcing to Learn How to Do-It-Yourself
Outsourcing can be a tactical decision to gain strategic advantages, such as when you need to learn how to do something.

28). Delay Is Almost Always Costly: Act Now to Profit More!
Procrastinators falsely believe that delay is seldom a disadvantage. The opposite is true . . . you often die by inches because of delays. This article looks at how to be rational about deciding when immediate action makes more sense than further study, thought, and delay.

29). Would You Hire a Carpenter Who Never Measures? -- Progress through Measurements of What to Work on
Sloppy carpentry can ruin the most valuable materials and leave a mess that costs a fortune to correct. Yet many businesses limit themselves to measuring physical things, such as a good carpenter might do. Perhaps no more helpful measurements exist than those that direct us towards valuable tasks.

30). Be Attracted to What Repels You to Make a Strategic Breakthrough
Most of us avoid what smells bad, looks unattractive, and sounds awful. Because of that, untapped opportunities lurk where no one wants to go.

31). Look Beyond Dreams of Vast Growth to Find and Prepare for Practical Problems
Almost everyone dreams of pursuing huge potential. But most are scared off by their fears rather than practically identifying what needs to be done. This article proposes a mindset to help you turn worthwhile dreams of vast growth into reality.

32). Expand Breakthrough Solution Capacity Among Your Stakeholders
The people outside of your organization can make bigger cost reductions for you than your organization can. How can you gain more cost-reduction help from outside your organization?

33). Cancel Delays that Harm Customers to Create More Profitable Growth
Most businesses operate for their convenience, rather than for the convenience of the customer. This article explores the importance of changing that focus.

34). Search Engine Keywords - What Do People Search For?
Do you ever wonder how people search for things on the Internet? What if you knew exactly what words they typed when using a search engine? If you're

35). Be More Available to Your Customers
Many organizations schedule their hours to make life pleasant for employees. That can be costly if those hours make life unpleasant for customers. This article explains how to think about the hours you operate.

36). What Are the Highest and Best Directions for Your Offerings and Talents?
If we aim at less than what we and our offerings can provide we shortchange customers and ourselves. As the world changes, we need to constantly review how we can provide better applications of our offerings and talents.

37). Test Your Exponential Profit Growth Strategies Out of Sight
Competitors may steal your growth strategies if they monitor your tests. This article looks at how to avoid that problem.

38). Enjoying Exponential Cost Reductions Can Be as Easy as Learning a New Language
This article provides a description of how exponential cost reductions can be accomplished through business model innovation.

39). An Online MBA Helps a Copy Cat Entrepreneur Become an Educational Leader
Entrepreneurs can improve their chances of success by mastering the key perspectives of good business management rather than just copying what others are doing. This article contains an example of how one entrepreneur pursued this lesson.

40). Establish New Brands That Have Emerging Market Authenticity
Consumer products companies have a massive opportunity to explore emerging markets as the source for authenticity that fascinates consumers. This article explores this opportunity.

41). Table Tennis Balls Inspire Superior Business Model Innovation
An original business thinker derives ideas for major profit improvements from enjoying table tennis. In this article, you will see ways you can use your interests and added education to boost your career and credibility.

42). Plan for a Global Base That Will Obliterate Costs
Expanding a global market and establishing a supply and customer chain globally provide the opportunity to make huge cost reductions.

43). To Earn More, Create a One-Step Solution for Providing Your Offering
Providing for customers needs to be simple. This article explores why and what the implications are for leaders and managers.

44). Keep Life in Balance: A Devoted Father Juggles His Way Up Mount Everest
A father finds a way to improve his relationship with his son while adding the education he needs to advance his career by using a flexible online MBA program.

45). Consider All Your Costs Before Adding New Products and Services
Sometimes you are better off not adding an offering because your costs go up faster than your profit contribution. This article shows how to avoid that problem and add highly profitable new offerings for your customers.

46). Use Curiosity and Questions to Improve Your Business Model
This article demonstrates how one man built a very profitable single-person business through continuing business model innovation to add more benefits for his customers.

47). Be Challenged by the Best to Be the Best: Peter Drucker Asks a Question and Makes an Observation
Do you want to surpass your wildest dreams? Take your biggest dream to the best thinker you can find and see what happens.

48). Find Dangerous Profit-Spilling Icebergs Before You Ram Them
Trial and error management means hitting obstacles, repairing the damage, and starting off in a new direction. With the right warning, you can skip hitting the obstacles and head straight for the prize of greater profits. This article suggests a method for improving over trial and error management.

49). Hire an Expert Outsourcing Evaluator to Advise You on Do-It-Yourself Options
Get expert help in evaluating your outsourcing options when your internal knowledge is limited.

50). For More Profit, Shovel Away the Sand Over Those Whose Heads Are Buried in It
Be earnest in seeking out problems rather than denying them. The damage will be limited when you do.

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