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Randy Justason Profile and Articles


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1). A Brief History of Gymnastics
This article discusses where gymnastics got its start and how the sport has evolved over the centuries.

2). Common Types of Smelling Disorders
This article lists and briefly discusses different smelling disorders.

3). How We Hear - The Basics
This article gives a basic idea of the sense of hearing.

4). The Hauntings of Alcatraz
This article details several of the reported hauntings at Alcatraz.

5). What Exactly is a Poltergeist Anyway?
This article discusses the basics about Poltergeists.

6). Common Barriers to Personal Growth and Development
This article discusses several reasons why people fail to grow and develop on a personal level.

7). Haunted Lighthouses - Old Port Boca Grande Lighthouse
This article discusses the history and hauntings of the Old Port boca Grande Lighthouse.

8). Demon Hauntings - A Brief Synopsis
This article discusses and describes the fundamentals of demon hauntings and how to deal with them.

9). Two Common Eye Ailments: Cataracts and Astigmatism
This article discusses the most common eye ailment causes and treatments.

10). The Basics of Paranormal Investigation
This article discusses defines and explains the fundamentals of paranormal investigation.

11). Music, Musicians, and Hearing Loss
This article discusses hearing loss trends in musicians and the effects of long term listening to loud music.

12). 7 Nutritional Supplements That Can Help Preserve Your Vision
This article discusses several supplements that can prolong vision deterioration.

13). Great Tips for Poolscaping
This article discusses several ways to improve your pool landscaping.

14). Cataracts - Are They Unavoidable?
This article discusses cataract symptoms and treatments.

15). Good Uses for Evergreens in Landscaping
This article discusses the use of several kinds of evergreen trees in landscaping.

16). Haunted Lighthouses - The St. Augustine Lighthouse
This article discusses the various hauntings at the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

17). Hybrid Cars - The Hottest New Trend in Transportation
This article discusses the very basic concepts of hybrid cars, how they work, and the benefits of having one.

18). Herbal Skin Care Basics
This article discusses things found in nature that can be used in herbal skin care.

19). Haunted Lighthouses - Seguin Island Light
This article discusses the history of and the stories behind the haunted history of the Seguin Island Light in Maine.

20). PlayStation 3- Connect It to Your PSP And Carry Your Entertainment Wherever You Go
This article provides tips on hooking your PS3 with you PSP.

21). The Risks of Super Sizing Your Waist
This article discusses the health risks associated with excess abdominal weight and some tips for getting rid of it.

22). Article Writing For Fame And Fortune
How would you like to have your name and web address spread all over the internet? How would you like to have your web site move up to the fir

23). Haunted Lighthouses - Presque Isle Lighthouse, Michigan
This article briefly discusses the history of and the story behind the hauntings of Presque Isle Lighthouse.

24). First Date Ideas: Consider These Points
This article offers some easy tips for an enjoyable first date.

25). The Basics of Aromatherapy Recipes
This article discusses some some of the basic ingredients in aromatherapy recipes.

26). Pilates During Pregnancy - Yes or No?
This article discusses the benefits of practicing Pilates while pregnant.

27). Improving Eyesight Naturally With Vitamins & Herbs
This article discusses natural ways to improve eyesight.

28). The Basics of Residual Hauntings
This article defines and explains what a residual haunting is.

29). Haunted Lighthouses - Heceta Head Lighthouse
This article briefly discusses the history of and the story behind the haunting of Heceta Head Lighthouse.

30). Give New Games a Chance
This article discusses the benefits of giving newly acquired games a good try before you decide they stink.

31). Anti-Aging and Vitamins
This article discusses several vitamins that are beneficial to the anti-aging process.

32). Glycemic Index - The Basics
This article discusses the glycemic index and the glycemic load.

33). The New Age of Assistive Hearing Devices
This article discusses the types of hearing assistive devices.

34). The Basics of Vitamin B-12
This article discusses the functions of Vitamin B-12, what happens when there is a deficiency, and sources of the vitamin.

35). Haunted Lighthouses - New London Ledge Lighthouse
This article discusses the haunted history of the New London Ledge Lighthouse in Connecticut.

36). 3 Hour Dieting
This article talks about the 3 Hour Diet.

37). Haunted Ships - The Queen Mary
This article briefly discusses the history of the Queen Mary and some of her hauntings.

38). Popular Herbs to Grow in Your Garden
This article discusses several types of herbs that are grown in herba gardens and how to grow and dry them.

39). Basic Tips for Getting Started in Water Gardening
The article discusses facts about growing a water garden.

40). The Scoop on Some Popular Weight Loss Supplements
This article discusses the pros and cons of some weight loss supplements.

41). Haunted Lighthouses - St. Simons Lighthouse
This article discusses a brief history of the St. Simons Lighthouse and its hauntings.

42). A Few Keys to Better Golf
This article provides basic tips for improving your golf game.

43). Characteristics of Intelligent Hauntings
This article gives basic information about intelligent hauntings.

44). Clean Up Your Finances Before You Invest
This article discusses steps to take before you start investing.

45). Make Positive Changes - Avoid Dieting
This article discusses options to dieting.



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