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1). Big Brother 6 - Saskia Howard-Clarke
Saskia Howard-Clarke is a "promotions girl" from London. She was the fifth evictee from the Big Brother house on July 1 2005 when she participated in the sixth series of the popular television programme.

In the first couple of weeks, Saskia proved to be popular with housemates and viewers alike. This was evident in week two when all of the housemates were put up for eviction via a public vote due to rule breaking because when Saskia's name was announced, the live studio audience cheered her.

2). Big Brother 6 - Sam Heuston
Despite being the best looking girl in Big Brother 6, sexy Sam Heuston was voted out third, lasting a total of 22 days and despite describing herself as "the horniest girl you’ve ever met", bisexual-by-numbers Sam was quite dull in the house and couldn't even tempt eventual winner Anthony Hutton into some action.

Housemate Sam was a marketing student from Cheam, Surrey and 23-years-old when she entered the Big Brother house.

3). Improve Your Soccer Stamina
A fitter player and, more importantly, a fitter team can play at a faster pace for a longer period of time. Fitness and player stamina is what sets apart professional and part-time teams, especially when they play in “all or nothing” matches such as the FA Cup where there is no middle ground for a draw. Stamina training in soccer is just a party of getting and remaining fit for the entire season.

4). Premiership Season Preview 2006/07 - Charlton Athletic
Charlton Athletic

Odds: 1500/1

Last Five Seasons
2005/06 - 13 (Premiership), 2004/05 - 11 (Premiership), 2003/04 - 7 (Premiership), 2002/03 - 12 (Premiership), 2001/02 - 14 (Premiership).

2005/06 Cup Progress
FA Cup Sixth Round (replay) vs Middlesbrough (a) - lost 4-2.
Carling Cup Fourth Round vs Blackburn Rovers (h) - lost 3-2.

Top Goal Scorer 2005/06: Darren Bent (striker) - 22 goals.

5). Big Brother 7 - Grace is Evicted
Grace Adams-Short became the fourth housemate evicted from Big Brother 7 in yet another no-shock result on Friday night. Grace polled 87.9% of votes in a head-to-head with Nikki Grahame, who survived eviction for two consecutive weeks.

It was such a no-contest that host Davina McCall didn’t even bother with her usual customary pause and instead immediately announced that Grace was evicted.

6). Melanie Slade - The Latest "Footballer's Wife"
Melanie Slade is the girlfriend of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott and the latest addition to the real “Footballer’s Wives” stable. She first met the England squad member outside the shop where she worked at West Quay shopping mall in Southampton. Melanie was outside with a basket in her hand when Walcott's friend announced "the basket is for phone numbers".

7). Big Brother 7 - Meet the Contestants - Part One
The seventh series of reality TV show Big Brother opened to a record television audience of 8.1 million on 18 May and placed 14 contestants in the goldfish bowl environment for 13 weeks, the longest stint ever.

Here are four of the seven women people brave enough, or stupid enough, to go under televised scrutiny and have their past dredged up in the gutter press for the next three and a half months.

8). A Painless Plagiarism Solution

A crowded marketplace can lead to unethical webmasters using underhand techniques to get ahead of their competitors and online plagiarism is one of t

9). Beat Blackjack Online Or Off
This is a simple, easy to remember system which has worked for many blackjack players that have put it to use both online and off with great success.

10). Big Brother 7 - Meet the Contestants - Part Four
The final part of the introduction of the Big Brother 7 housemates reveals the identities of the final three men making up the 1eveals the identities of the final three men making up the 14-strong household.

George ASKEW
Age: 19. From: London. Occupation: Student.
George is a former public schoolboy and the son of a former private secretary to the Prince of Wales.

11). A Simple Approach To Online Roulette
There are several beatable online casino games. Roulette is not one of them.

12). Hit & Run To Profit
The “Hit and Run” technique is so called because it involved jumping into the game and back out as soon as anything resembling a profit is realised. It is method many people have used for years in the bricks and mortar casinos in numerous games.

13). Love Island 2006 - Meet The Contestants - Part One
Love Island has returned for a second incarnation and a new batch of Z-listers who would prefer to laze around on a tropical beach for a few weeks rather than eat grubs and live outdoors will be “entertaining” us each evening. Here is a look at the six girls participating and their odds of success.

Bianca Gascoigne
Top Female Odds: 3/1

Not really a celebrity but the bookmaker’s favourite to win.

14). Find Freeroll Tournaments
The most effective way to familiarise yourself with Texas Hold’em tournaments is to locate and play in as many online poker freerolls as possible.

15). Focus On Chris Moneymaker
The whole world watched Chris Moneymaker as he turned a $40 online entry fee into an astonishing $2.5 million dollars by winning the World Series of Poker.

16). Roulette - No Skill Required
Depending on who you talk to about roulette, there is often an uncertainty if it is a game of skill or a game of chance. That’s an easy question to answer because it is all luck.

17). Choosing A Beatable Blackjack Game
You can beat online blackjack if you know where to play and have the discipline to walk away from the table when you are showing a profit.

18). Craps Is A Superstitious Game
A list of some of the more common craps superstitions compiled by some of the great craps players. Incidentally, they believe in a lot of this nonsense too!

19). Should You Rebuy?
The option to re-buy, i.e. replenish with a fresh stack of chips, may not always be a good bet in these tournaments.

20). Big Brother 7 - Sezer Eviction
Sezer Yurtseven was the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house and won two dubious honours in the process.

21). Slot Machines Get A Facelift
Women and slot machines have a lot in common in that they both need frequent make-overs. The new and improved version will be louder and brighter, with a lot more appeal than the earlier incarnation. As for the slot machines...

22). Casino Junkets
If you want to be treated like a high roller and can travel within two weeks of the time a casino junket announces their departure from your city, then you need to enjoy a great trip and take advantage of the casino junket system

23). Watch Live Soccer Online
With the advancement in online technology and quite often a minimum amount to pay, you will be able to watch live soccer on your computer.

24). Blackjack Is Like A Rollercoaster
Blackjack reminds me of a rollercoaster as it starts slow but gets faster. As you build up your bank roll, you feel like you are getting to the top of the coaster and then when you least expect it, the bottom falls out.

25). In Pursuit of the Monster Roll
What brings different people together at the craps table is one common goal - the pursuit of the once in a lifetime “monster roll”.

26). Walker's Word - Premier League Betting Preview 29/30 April 2006
Manchester United could delay Chelsea’s celebrations by a further week while Portsmouth could relegate both West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City this weekend writes David Walker.

Chelsea vs Manchester United

The clash of the form teams and the result which could confirm Chelsea’s retention of the Premiership should the Blues win. Chelsea have been impeccable in front of their own fans this season, winning 17 out of 18 Premiership matches.

27). UK Online Casinos Rise In Prominence
The popularity of online casinos is gaining in prominence in the UK. This is a welcome sight for the many sports punters, casino enthusiasts, bingo and lottery players, who have wanted to gamble online for a long time but needed the “security” of gambling with an established and recognised UK brand they know and trust.

28). League Two Season Preview 2006/07 - Boston United
Boston United were tipped as a dark horse choice to win League Two last season after the relatively high profile signings of former Premiership duo Julian Joachim and Noel Whelan.

29). Championship Season Preview 2006/07 - Barnsley
Barnsley secured the final available place in the Championship after beating Swansea City on penalties in the League One play off final.

30). Championship Season Preview 2006/07 - Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace

Odds: 12/1

Last Five Seasons
2005/06 - 6 (Championship), 2004/05 - 18 (Premiership, Relegated), 2003/04 - 6 (Championship, Promoted), 2002/03 - 14 (Championship), 2001/02 - 10 (Championship).

2005/06 Cup Progress
FA Cup Fourth Round (replay) vs Preston North End (h) - lost 2-1.
Carling Cup Fourth Round vs Middlesbrough (a) - lost 2-1.

31). How To Fund Your Online Casino Account
If you are new to online casino gambling you may find this article useful as it explains the options available to you to fund your account.

32). World Cup 2006 Preview - Holland
New coach Marco van Basten has proven to be a revelation off the pitch as much as he was on it since taking over the Dutch national team.

33). World Cup 2006 Preview - Mexico
As per usual, Mexico, ranked in the World’s top 10, had an impossibly easy qualifying path to the finals in Germany.

34). Big Brother 7 - Half Term Report Part One
Big Brother is entering the half-way stage so here is a short round-up of four of the nine established characters and how they fair in the betting market.

35). League One Season Preview 2006/07 - Yeovil Town
Yeovil Town survived their first season in League One following their two promotions in three seasons from the Conference.

36). Big Brother 7 - Bonnie is Evicted
Bonnie Holt became the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house by public vote at a best price of 1/33 on eviction day.

Bonnie was actually the third housemate in a week to leave the Big Brother house following Shabaz’s decision to walk and Dawn’s ejection for receiving messages from the outside world. She had the dubious honour of being the first housemate to go in and was also the first to leave via the traditional public voting method of eviction.

37). League One Season Preview 2006/07 - Blackpool

Odds: 22/1

Last Five Seasons
2005/06 - 19 (League One), 2004/05 - 16 (League One), 2003/04 - 14 (League One), 2002/03 - 13 (League One), 2001/02 - 16 (League One).

2005/06 Cup Progress
FA Cup First Round vs Doncaster Rovers (a) - lost 4-1.
Carling Cup Second Round vs Leicester City (a) - lost 2-1.
Football League Trophy Northern Section Second Round vs Carlisle United (a) - lost 2-1.

38). Beginner's Guide To Poker Hand Rankings
Beginners often don’t know what will beat what in Texas Hold ’em so here is a quick reference guide.

39). A Beginner's Online Craps Strategy
This strategy is not going to win you huge amounts of cash but it will help you realise small, consistent wins online.

40). Dice Setters or Rhythmic Rollers?
If you ask a group of craps players if they would rather be on a table with a rhythmic roller or a dice setter, they will almost inadvertently tell you a dice setter.

41). Champions League Review - 23 February 2006
Chelsea’s hopes to claim the Champions League for their own took a major setback after Barcelona won the first leg at Stamford Bridge.

42). World Cup 2006 Preview - Ukraine
Outright Odds: 66/1
Group H Winners: 12/5

This will be the Ukraine’s first major tournament they have qualified for since narrowly missing out every time following their independence in 1991. This time there was no messing about and they became the first European side to qualify for the finals, bar hosts Germany of course.

They suffered one defeat in 12 matches, at home to Turkey, but overall won a tricky group which also featured European champions Greece and perennial qualifiers Denmark with ease.

43). Championship Betting Review - 19 March 2006
Reading could be promoted to the Premiership within days despite being held to a 1-1 draw against play-off chasing Wolves.

44). The Flop, Turn and River Cards
To win the pot in Texas Hold’em, the player must have the highest five-card combination at the end to collect the pot.

45). League Two Season Preview 2006/07 - Torquay United
Torquay staged a great escape last season after relegation looked likely for long periods of the campaign.

46). World Cup 2006 Preview - Brazil
Outright Odds: 3/1
Group F Winners: 1/4

What else is there to be said about Brazil? They are the only team to have participated in every World Cup finals and are five times winners in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. They have also finished as runners up twice in 1950 and 1998.

Manager Carlos Alberto Parreira, who won it in 1994 has possibly a better squad of players at his disposal than he did 12 years ago and instead of Bebeto, Romario and Rai he now has Adriano, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

47). Premiership Season Preview 2006/07 - Portsmouth

Odds: 1000/1

Last Five Seasons
2005/06 - 17 (Premiership), 2004/05 - 16 (Premiership), 2003/04 - 13 (Premiership), 2002/03 - 1 (Championship, Promoted), 2001/02 - 17 (Championship).

2005/06 Cup Progress
FA Cup Fourth Round vs Liverpool (h) - lost 2-1.
Carling Cup Second Round vs Gillingham (a) - lost 3-2 after extra time.

Top Goal Scorer 2005/06: Lomano Lua Lua (striker) and Gary O'Neill - 7 goals each.

48). Premiership Betting Review - 23 April 2006
Tottenham had one foot in fourth place until Thierry Henry equalised in the North London derby.

49). Poker Room Review - Party Poker
There are many reasons people from all over the world play at Party Poker. They are the biggest, the best and offers the most games at any given time day or night.

50). Players At A Craps Table
If you are looking for excitement, noise and more fun than you can stand, then craps is the only game to play.

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