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1). What Are Triglycerides And How Do They Affect The Human Body
For anyone keeping track of their heart health, the word "triglycerides" has probably come up. Triglycerides are necessary to maintain an adequate level of health, but having too much is not good. When this happens, you can lower triglycerides naturally with vegetarian Omega 3 and Microalgae oil.

2). Inflatable Boats & Dinghies: A Practical And Economic Choice
Whether the boat will be used for an annual fishing trip or for excursions on the lake every weekend, a boat is a symbol of luxury that appeals to a wide range of the population.

3). Choosing and Installing a Motorcycle Battery
Although a motorcycle battery and other types of vehicle batteries are built for longevity, over time batteries will slow down and eventually wear out. This occurs when the sulfate that flows over the plates begins to build up a residue on the plates, slowly diminishing the conductivity.

4). Unique Wedding Favor Ideas: Personalized Mini Chocolate Bars
When it comes to finding a gift that everyone will love, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate wedding favor.

5). 6 Myths About Boarding Schools
Some parents immediately dismiss the idea of boarding school for their children. Books, movies, and even computer games and popular music have painted stereotyped pictures of these facilities as either vacation villas for the rich or prisons for delinquents

6). Curriculum for Homeschool Programs - 3 Common Misconceptions
The curriculum for homeschool programs is often thought to be limited to a few academic courses. High school homeschool courses are particularly believed to have limited advantages. This is untrue. In fact, this form of education has a large set of advantages over both private and public schools that allow children to thrive and grow.

7). Is Talc Safe Enough For Use In Natural Skin Care Products?
Addressing health concerns about the cosmetics that we use. Learning more about talc and whether or not it is truly safe to use for skin care.

8). Party Planning Ideas for Teenagers
Planning a party for a teenager can be a difficult balance of finding something they deem ‘cool’ and something parents feel is safe and appropriate. Teenagers, regardless of how much they want to be adults, are still big kids at heart who love to laugh, act silly, and burn off energy.

9). Hyperhidrosis Solutions --- How To Prevent Sweat From Ruining The Day
For those in need of a hyperhidrosis treatment, embarrassment often stops them from learning how to prevent sweat. They live for years with the mental and physical effects of this condition.

10). Learn about Subqueries in Access Courses
An understanding of queries is critical to database management. Once you master queries, a subquery is a powerful tool that greatly expands your abilities to get exactly the data you need.

11). Types of Motorcycle Frames
If you are going to build a motorcycle, the frame determines the basic look of the bike. Of course motorcycle frames affect not only the appearance of the bike but the handling and safety of the finished machine.

12). Comparing Vinyl, Nylon, and Canvas Tarps
In order to find the right tarp for the jobs you have in mind, you need to consider the material being used.

13). History of the Shovelhead Engine
For twenty years, Harleys got their look from the Shovelhead engine, the engine that many people even today automatically associate with the bike.

14). Backup Data to Tape Drive, Network Attached or a Virtual Tape Library?
When it comes to setting up a system for multiple computers operating on a network, backing up your data to a tape drive, network attached storage (NAS) or a Virtual Tape Library are some of the solutions the end user should consider!

15). Increase Productivity in the Workplace with Microsoft Office Training for Employees
Employees who have acquired a mastery of the Office suite through professional training can work significantly faster and with fewer errors than those with only basic knowledge learned through trial and error. Introducing Microsoft Office training to employees is one of the most effective ways for any computer centered company to considerably improve productivity.

16). Upgrading Willys Jeep Brake Parts
Some Willys owners like to add modern upgrades to their vehicles while many feel it borders on sacrilege to use anything other than original Willys Jeep parts. Regardless of where you stand on this debate, the issue of safety has to be paramount.

17). What Is The Best Way To Backup Data?
Although businesses realize the severe loss associated with losing their data, a surprising majority still aren’t backing up. Most people have good intentions of implementing some sort of backup service, but aren’t entirely sure where to begin.

18). Increase Productivity with a White Noise Machine
Learn how to become more productive and how to effectively mask sounds that could be considered distracting in the workplace.

19). Special Image Techniques with Dreamweaver CS3
Dreamweaver courses can help new users become comfortable more quickly, and can teach even advanced users a few new tricks. Here are some examples of the advanced techniques a student can pick up one of these courses.

20). Alopecia Areata and Non Surgical Hair Replacement Methods
For the more than five million people afflicted with Alopecia Areata, non-surgical hair replacement is the only way to enjoy a full head of hair since there is presently no cure the disease.

21). P90X, Hip Hop Abs & Slim In 6: Three Workouts To Match Every Fitness Goal
Creating an effective workout schedule can be a daunting task. That is why many people turn to gyms and fitness centers for inspiration.

22). The Dangers of Towing Vehicles Behind Moving Trucks
Highway accidents involving trailers are on the rise and a disturbing number of motorists die in trailer-related accidents every year. If you have a cross-country move in your future, think twice about towing your car behind a rented moving truck.

23). Tarp off a Flatbed Trailer in Five Easy Steps
Vinyl tarps are a valuable tool when it comes to using a flatbed trailer. Regardless of how well the items are stacked, the entire load needs to be protected in order to get it to its destination safely.

24). Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts or OEM parts?
Contrary to what many believe, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) motorcycle parts are not inherently better than aftermarket motorcycle parts.

25). Workplace Termination Strategies for Preventing Violence and Discrimination Lawsuits
When an employee is disrupting the workplace to the point that termination is necessary, having predefined termination strategies is critical not only for workplace safety but for protecting your company from discrimination suits as well.

26). Unique Wedding Favors Series: Personalized Cosmopolitan and Margarita Cocktail Mixes
Personalized cosmopolitan and margarita cocktail mixes beautifully printed with your names and wedding date are the latest trend in favor gift giving.

27). Companies Avoid Legal Complications by Using Online Bookkeeping Services
Company owners are often confused by the tangled web of business and financial regulations. Using online bookkeeping services that use highly specialized accountants relieves the company of much of the burden of following frequent regulatory changes.

28). Unique Wedding Favors Series: Personalized Tea Favors and Sweet Honey
Learn about the culture of tea favors and just how they are the perfect wedding favor to give at any wedding engagement.

29). Benefits of Buying a Used Luxury Car
As a result of improved vehicle technology and materials, used car buying has become increasingly popular in the past several years. This is especially the case in the used luxury car market.

30). Timeless Childhood Toys Series: Imaginative Toys
In this week’s Timeless Childhood Toys Series we’re focusing on favorite imaginative toys for kids. With our hectic schedules, television overload, and shrinking budget for arts in schools, the amount the creative fire in most of our lives seems to have dwindled to a dull flicker.

31). Using Voice Broadcasting to Boost Sales Leads
Every type of business is best suited for different type of lead generation. For many businesses such as real estate agents, college loan refinancing lenders, landscaping companies, and more, cold calling is undeniably effective.

32). 5 Things to Look for in a Portable Medical Refrigerator
Because pharmaceuticals are so sensitive to temperature, a quality medical refrigerator is an essential part of providing safe health care. Especially in the case of portable units, a consistently cooled medical refrigerator or vaccine refrigerator is critical to transporting pharmaceuticals and vaccines safely.

33). Making your Harley Faster, Louder, and more Powerful with Custom Motorcycle Parts
If you want to turn your average chopper into a loud, roaring, customized machine, there are a few custom motorcycle parts that can make a big impact.

34). The Ins and Outs of Replacing Willys Jeep Tires
When it comes time to buy new Willys Jeep tires there are a few pieces of advice to follow to ensure you get the best tires for the job while maintaining the look of your Jeep.

35). Choosing the Right Breast Implant
If you’re considering a breast augmentation, you’ve probably read enough to be confused about whether to choose saline implants of silicone gel implants. Your choice of breast implant will depend on your and your doctor’s decisions about what is best for your body.

36). 3480 Tape Drive And 3490 Tape Drive Solutions; Technology That Stands The Test Of Time
When looking for a tape drive, it can be tempting to dismiss older technologies.

37). Creating a Fool Proof Data Archive System with a Magnetic Tape Library
Most businesses have laws and regulations for how long specific data must be stored, but still many companies don’t have a tape drive, tape libraries, secondary storage or any plan for archiving data.

38). Are Dangerous Nanoparticles Lurking In Your Cosmetics and Sunscreens?
Discussing the concerns of nanoparticles used in sunscreen and mineral make up. Become more educated about these substances that could pose a potential health risk.

39). Window Blinds Manufacturers Introduce Even Safer Cordless Options
Manufacturers of window treatments have become increasingly concerned with reports of the dangers of dangling cords from window shades and blinds. Toddlers, with their boundless curiosity, are the most common victims but older children, newborns, and even pets are in danger.

40). Microsoft Access: Unleash the True Potential Today
There are many ways to learn how to use popular computer programs. Find out how you can succeed in using Microsoft Access.

41). Optical Jukeboxes: An Affordable Backup Plan For Your Business?
When evaluating storage options for large numbers of media files (images, videos or audio clips), optical drives and optical jukeboxes may be your best option.

42). Successful Synopsis Writing Tips
Writers hate the job of writing a synopsis. For you, it might be right up there with death and public speaking in terms of the fear factor. Here are a few tips to make everything a bit easier.

43). How To Retire Well in Mexico
For years, Americans have entertained the idea of retiring in Mexico. But today with the rising cost of living in the US, more and more people are buying property in Mexico and enjoying their retirement years for far less than they could north of the border.

44). Best Winter Fly Fishing: A Guide To Locations And Fishing Flies
This winter, when everyone else is headed for cover in their homes, the adventurous fly fisherman is headed out into the crisp rushing waters to take advantage of some of the most exciting fly fishing of the year.

45). Backing up Critical Data: Tape Backup Drives and Tape Libraries
Although tape storage is one of the older ways to backup computer data, it remains one of the most popular and reliable ways to store data. Tape backup drives have come a long way since IBM developed the technology in the 1950’s.

46). Best Fishing Flies for Salmon and Steelhead
With more than 10,000 cataloged patterns of fishing flies, finding the best one can be a long task of trial and error. The quest to find the perfect fishing flies has burdened fishermen for ages, but the general rule of thumb is to use dark fishing flies on cloudy days and bright fishing flies on sunny days.

47). Three Ways to Collect an Outstanding Debt
An overview of different debt collection strategies. Save you business time and money by utilizing professional debt collectors.

48). The Unusual History Of Popcorn Machines
Popcorn machines have been around for more than 4,000 years and have evolved considerably since. The earliest machines, however, look nothing like they do now.

49). 5 Tips for Collecting on Past Due Accounts
Business owners might be surprised at how much revenue is waiting to be collected in the form of past due accounts. With these 5 steps, you’ll be on your way to recovering a great deal of found money.

50). How To Sell Assets Without Fear Of Capital Gains Tax
Assets we own that have appreciated in value make us tremendously happy. The taxes we pay on these gains make us tremendously unhappy. If you own appreciated assets such as real estate, business, fine art, jewelry, planes, boats, or even a race horses, you face a large tax bill if you sell these assets and do not plan properly.

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