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1). Acne - Remove Milia That Look Like Whiteheads But They Are Not Acne
All of us want good-looking skin. Acne is the biggest obstacle in our effort. There are other skin problems that look like acne but are not acne. Milia is one of them. Milia are white spots on the face that can form at any age. Milia look like white pearls and most of us confuse them with whiteheads of acne. They are not whiteheads. So the treatment is different.

2). Relationship Test - Are You Happier Being Alone?
Many of us are of the types who are happy being alone. If such persons enter into any relationship it will invariably fail. Such loners want to be left alone and want no responsibility of others nor want others to take any responsibility of their. Are you one of them? Have you thought about this? Let us find out more.

What are the main characteristics of such people? The first is total independence.

3). Wallpapers For Holidays - How To Chose Free Desktop Wallpapers?
Desktop wallpapers for holidays are a great treat for the eyes during the holidays. These wallpapers add color and festive spirit to the computer screen. Whenever you look at your desktop, you get to see a lovely wallpaper with lovely colors, designs and text. That feeling cannot be easily described.

Desktop wallpapers and holidays - The holidays bring their own fun and festivity.

4). Holiday Myspace Backgrounds For Your Myspace Profile
Myspace is now one of the top five most-visited websites in the world. Indeed, it has taken the Internet world by storm. At last count, they had more than 30 million users from around the globe. Amazing, isn't it? This article is for regular myspace users.

A lot of changes can be made in your myspace profile to make it look more colorful, cheerful and appealing.

5). Marriage - Are You Facing Emotional Abuse?
Those who have control and power can inflict emotional abuse. It is as bad as physical abuse. Some people call emotional abuse as worse than physical abuse. Let us discuss about emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse may leave deep scars on the psyche. In emotional abuse the perpetrator withholds all the emotional satisfaction from the victim. The self-dignity of the victim is bruised repeatedly and he/she is shown as a lesser person.

6). Screensavers With Calendar - An Innovation
Designers are always trying to do something new with screensavers. As Internet usage increase, the screensavers are becoming more popular. The latest innovation in screensaver designs is calendar screensavers.

Screensavers - Why This Popularity

It is not difficult to understand why screensavers are becoming so popular. Most of them are free. They give enjoyment.

7). Friendship Test- Do Friends Love Talking To You?
You must be having a large group of friends. You also deal with many people in your job or business. You interact with people at every stage of your life. Do you find that you love talking to one person and avoid talking to another? You must have noticed that. What is the difference between these two persons? Why do you enjoy talking to one of them and avoid talking to another? What about yourself? Have you thought about that?

We enjoy talking to people who have the following qualities -

Listening - Good communicators are good listeners.

8). Dermatitis- Your Toothpaste May Cause Dermatitis Around Your Mouth
Dermatitis- what is perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a skin problem around the mouth. This may also appear on the nose and chin. This dermatitis resembles acne and rosacea, but is neither of them. This is a difficult to treat condition and your everyday toothpaste, skincare products and cosmetics may be causing it. Let us find out more about its prevention and treatment.

9). Genital warts- Treatment
Genital warts form on the male genitalia, female genitalia (both inside and outside) and near anus. They may appear singly or in a bunch and if allowed untreated, they can grow bigger and appear like cauliflowers. It is better to prevent getting genital warts rather than treating them. But the problem is this- one who passes on the virus that causes genital warts may be unaware that he/she has got the virus.

10). Scars- Treat Your Scars With Vitamin C
Scars spoil our look. Whatever makeup or skin treatment we do, scars can be barely hidden. Deep scars and raised scars are a big problem to hide. Treating them at doctor's place may be a costly procedure also involving time and pain. What should one do? As far as deep scars are concerned, we have to learn to live with them unless we are ready to o to a doctor and get them treated.

11). Genital warts- How To Avoid Them?
Genital warts are bad. If they form in a bunch on your genitals, you will have a very bad time getting them treated and your relationships will shatter. They look very bad and they will rob you of all mental peace. How to avoid genital warts? With the relationships we have now a days, unless we become aware, we will surely get in to some problem. All of us try to think that bad things happen to others and not us.

12). Break-Ups And Doubts
Shall I break-up? Am I right? Or my thinking is wrong somewhere? What if I hurt my partner with the break-up? What if I cannot live normally after break-up? Shall I recover from it? Should I break-up? I am having doubts about the reasons. I am doubtful about the consequences. I am confused. What shall I do?

After life reaches a stage where living together becomes very painful, one begins thinking of break-up.

13). Relationship Test - Are You Continuing Without Pleasure?
A relationship should be like a flowing river. Fresh, moving around and finding ways around obstacles. Enjoying a relationship should never be like a still pond of water that just exists. A relationship should have life and should never be a compromise.

But many relationships become like a pond. They began like river but are now stationary wondering where to go, and whether to exist at all.

14). Memorial Day Screensavers - The Spirit Of Patriotism
Memorial Day is a national holiday in the United States. This day all Americans remember the brave soldiers who gave their life for their country. Memorial Day screensavers can bring a great sense of gratitude and patriotism. Let us see how we can use them. Please look for the following in selecting Memorial Day Screensavers.

Design - Avoid downloading three-dimensional screensavers.

15). Dandruff - What Causes Dandruff?
Dandruff is one of the most common scalp problems. But it is surprising that no precise cause off dandruff is known. There is therefore no cure for dandruff, but you can treat it whenever it shows. There are many factors that trigger dandruff and some speculation about the possible causes. Let us talk about them so that we can keep our scalp squeaky clean from dandruff.

16). Halloween Wallpapers - Enjoy All The Year
Halloween brings great fun and festivity. Every popular holiday does that, but Halloween is different. During Halloween, your mood is totally different. Your heart is full of joy and your mind is full of ideas. There are no stresses and no body thinks about work. Its only fun and joy. Halloween changes every mind and heart. There is joy all around. Halloween Desktop wallpapers help you enjoy that mood all through the year.

17). Rosacea - The Red Blush That Becomes Permanent
Rosacea- what is it?

Rosacea is also called adult acne or acne rosacea. But it has nothing to do with acne. In rosacea what happen is this. You will notice that you show red blush or flushing of the center part of your face in the beginning. That may happen after sun exposure or after eating spicy foods or drinking alcoholic drinks etc. But slowly this blush will become permanent and your face will always look red at the center.

18). Birthday Cards - Right Selection Is Important
All of us are becoming immune to the joy of birthdays. Unless it is our birthday, we show no interest in others to a great extent.

19). Divorce - Are You Feeling Cheated?
Are you feeling relieved after divorce or cheated? After many divorces people feel happy while in many rather more cases they feel cheated. Why? Divorce it self is a very painful process and the times that lead to divorce are more painful. The question is why get the sense of feeling cheated after getting divorce? Let us talk about this.

Relationship demands giving - People give a lot to their marriage; most of them do it except few.

20). Acne Vulgaris - Can We Control The Hormones?
Acne and hormones-

Acne is caused by the excess production of sebaceous glands. These glands also begin shedding more dead cells at the same time and block the gland forming acne. Hormones control all these. Can we not do anything about them to keep acne away? Let us find out.

Hormonal changes-

We undergo lot of hormonal changes during our puberty.

21). Oral Sex- Can It Give You Chlamydia?
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. It is one of the fastest growing STDs and any sexual activity with infected partner can cause Chlamydia. Most of us think that STDs are difficult to pass with oral sex. What is the truth with Chlamydia? Let us find out.

Chlamydia- how does it spread?

Bacteria cause chlamydia. The bacteria can pass from the mucous membrane fluids to another person.

22). Quiz Yourself - Will You Survive Break-Up?
I did everything possible to save our relationship. I gave in a lot, but I could not save. We will be breaking-up soon. That has already broken my heart. This relationship was made brick by brick over so many years. What all we did not do to make it last? But alas, we are breaking -up. This is a typical statement from a person facing break-up. How to survive after a break-up? Will you survive a break-up? Why not quiz yourself about it?

The immediate effect of the break-up would be pain.

23). Quiz - Can Money Buy Happiness?
Can riches buy happiness? Wealth can buy many luxuries, but not happiness. Money cannot buy contentment.

24). Acne - Know About Whiteheads And Blackheads For Clear Skin
Every talk about acne includes terms such as whiteheads and black heads. What are they and why are they called so? Let us find out.

Acne develops on the hair follicles that have sebaceous glands attached to them. These glands produce an oil called sebum. Because of certain reasons the sebum changes in quality and quantity giving rise to scales on the hair follicle.

25). Skin Care - Control Body Odor
Sweat controls our body temperature. Sweat also is responsible for body odor. When bacteria react with sweat, it produces odor. Similarly pheromones that are emitted by apocrine glands also have an odor. Let us find out how to control excess sweat and control body odor.

Skin care- how sweat produces odor?

Eccrine sweat is produced by eccrine sweat glands that are distributed all over the body.

26). Hair Loss Treatment- If You Have Alopecia Aerata?
Alopecia Aerata is one of the common reasons of hair loss. This is an autoimmune disorder in which the body destroys its own hair. The hair is lost in coin sized patches and then comes back after some months or years. The pattern of loss and re- growth is unpredictable. Many people lose all the hair due to Alopecia Aerata. What treatment options are available? Let us discuss them so that you get your hair back as early as possible.

27). Love - Mature And Immature Love
Love has many facets. Love is still a mystery and every lover has his/her own story about love. What is mature love and what type is immature/ Let us find out.

In immature love it is said that the person who falls in love has low self-respect. He/she has little self-confidence and finds a lover to see all the qualities that he/she misses in themselves.

28). Acne-How to Treat Acne During Pregnancy
Acne is mainly caused because of hormonal changes in the body. The hormones increase production of sebum and this sebum fills the glands to form acne. During pregnancy the hormonal activity is at itís highest. But a pregnant woman may not use many acne medications. Let us find out now.

Acne and Tretinoin-

Tretinoin is one of the most common retinoids that are used to treat acne.

29). Send Greetings For Better Communication
Greetings are probably as old as the civilization. People always greet each other whenever they meet or talk. A good morning, hello, how are you, how are things at your end, etc are some of the common ways to begin the conversation. A greeting in everyday life connects us better with another person. One generally does not immediately come to the subject matter without a greeting in almost all meetings.

30). Skin Care- Look Young Forever By Keeping Your Acid Mantle Healthy
Skin care and acid mantle-

What is acid mantle and why it is important for healthy skin? We all hear so much about pH-balanced products. How do they affect acid mantle? And how do we look young? If you know how to take care of the protective acid mantle, you have won half the battle. Let me tell you how?

Skin oils and acid mantle-

Skin secretes sebum and sweat.

31). Expressing Love With Ecards - Is It Effective?
Can love be effectively expressed with ecards? With many mediums available today, which medium should be our medium of choice in expressing our feelings. We have choice of sending a voice mail, sending an email, a printed card, and ecards. Of course the first choice always remains - our own talk. How are ecards better than other mediums to express love? Let us look at that.

32). Skin Care - Non-Surgical Treatment With Tretinoin
Topical tretinoin can be effectively used for treatment of mild sun damage and fine wrinkles and lines for skin care.Tretinoin is easy to use as a non surgical method to get a youthful look. The skin care treatment has to be continued otherwise the benefits disappear. After some time of treatment, your doctor may reduce the dose of tretinoin to be used for giving you the young look.

33). Have You Forgotten Your Desires To Keep Your Partner Happy?
I used to paint when I was young. I was a dancer. I loved hiking. I loved outdoor sports and so it goes on. I used to be is the common theme.

34). Learn Management With Desktop Wallpapers
Learning over the ages has undergone many changes. In recent years many rapid changes have taken place, from classroom teaching to online education. Could you ever think that management could be taught with the help of Desktop wallpapers? Here is how it is being done now days.

Learning - Let us look at learning. How do we learn? By reading, reflecting and thinking and then remembering what we have been taught.

35). Bloggers- Now You Can Add Flash Quiz Cards On Your Myspace Blogs
A blog is something all of us love. We express ourselves on our blogs. We have the freedom of writing whatever we want and there is no worry about what others will say. That makes our blog very special. It is an extension of our personality. Now you can add quiz cards in flash on your blogs. This is the latest inthing for blogs. Let me show you how and why?

Flash Quiz Cards are fun.

36). Thanksgiving Screensavers - Develop Attitude Of Gratitude
Thanksgiving is the time to feel gratitude for everything that we have. It is not only the celebration, but also the spirit of thanks that makes this holiday so special. If we think about our life, and ourselves we should thank the clouds for giving us rain, the trees because they give us fruit, the earth because it gives us a place to live. Our parents for giving birth to us, our friends, for sharing our thoughts and being with God and us for giving all these.

37). Quiz - Are You An Expert At Fighting Stress?
Stress is becoming pervasive in modern life. We are now finding that stress causes many diseases that can affect our life style. Stress damages our mental peace and physical fitness. Quiz yourself and find out if you are an expert at fighting stress.

Stress will always be there - To hope that stress can be avoided in modern life is difficult. All of us face stress in our life.

38). Break-Ups And Doubts
Shall I break-up? Am I right? Or my thinking is wrong somewhere? What if I hurt my partner with the break-up?

39). Acne Scars- Treat Them At Home With Tretnoin
Acne scars- why do they form?

When we get acne many times it resolves without getting infected. This kind of acne leaves hyper pigmentation that fades over a time. When acne becomes infected, it spreads deeper inside and damages the collagen in the dermal layer. As the inflammation increases, more of skin tissues are killed and when the acne gets treated, it leaves a scar, which is normally a deep scar.

40). Genital Herpes- Are You Going To Get Infected?
Genital Herpes- what is it?

Genital Herpes is the herpes infection of genitals. It affects both men and women. It is caused by the HSV type2. The only way to spread this disease is sexual contact. Anybody who has genital herpes may pass it on to the partner without any knowledge. Let us see how?

Genital Herpes- silent transmission

Let us take an example.

41). Quiz Your Friendship- Can Your Friends Count On You?
Quiz your friendship personality:

Friendship is one of the greatest relationships, isn't it? True friends do not hesitate giving their lives for their friend's benefit. We have heard stories of great friendships since childhood. What about you? Do you think you are a good friend? Are you friendly? If you believe that you are friendly, why do you think that? Did you take any feedback from your friends about this? Or this is your impression? Sometimes we think and believe that we are very friendly, while our friends have different ideas.

42). Ringworm of The Groin- Treatment
Ringworm of the groin is the disease caused by a fungus. The disease shows itself as a patch in the shape of a circle and itches. This itch is responsible for another name of this disease- Jock Itch. Let us find out about what are the treatments for Ringworm of the groin.

Ringworm of the groin- confirm the disease first

Self-medication without proper diagnosis can be a danger.

43). Are You Compassionate To Yourself?
We talk of physical abuse. We also talk of emotional abuse. Let us now talk about self-abuse. What is self-abuse?

44). Chlamydia- Complications You May Face If Chlamydia Is Not Treated In Time
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by a bacterium that is transmitted by sexual contact. Any sexual contact that causes your mucous membrane to get in touch with infected secretion may cause chlamydia. The complications of chlamydia are bad if it is left untreated. Please learn more so that you can prevent them.

Chlamydia - early symptoms

The early symptoms of chlamydia include- painful intercourse in women, vaginal discharge, penile discharge, difficult urination, etc.

45). Beauty Care - Antiperspirants
Perspiration and body odor have been of concern for many of us who wish to present a beautiful body to others. Here it is important to note that deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same. Deodorants hide the smell with fragrance. They do not dry the perspiration at all. They also do not prepare the skin for not perspiring. Deodorants will not keep you dry.

46). Nail Fungus- This Can Even Kill Your Nail
A fungus or a type of yeast causes nails fungal infection. This infection makes the nail thick and crumbly. Nail fungus normally affects the toenails. It can even disfigure the nails and discolor them. If left uncontrolled nail fungus can make the nail die. Let us see what it is and how to stop it.

Nail Fungus- What causes it and how it spreads?

Nail fungus is caused by a fungus that is found in common places such as locker rooms, pool side etc.

47). Quiz- What Is Your Strength?
All of us have pluses and minuses. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. For some of us, our job may be our weakness, for some others it may be our friendship. For few others, it is their children or partner. In this manner we all have a weakness for which we will try utmost. Similarly we have strengths. Let us focus on strengths.

Quiz your strengths - You strength may be in any area.

48). Nail Fungus- Prevent And Treat In Time To Save Your Nail
A healthy and good-looking nail is a sign of health and personality. Imagine having tow nails that look thick, discolored and disfigured? Will you like them? But when we don't take care in time that results. After permanent disfigurement, not much can be done. Let us learn about how to prevent and cure the nail fungus.

Nail fungus- how does it spread?

nail fungus is caused by a fungal infection.

49). Dating - Be Prepared For Getting Hurt
Many of us hate dating for all the trouble it involves. You never know what kind of person will your date be?

50). Acne- Is It Contagious?
Acne is one of the most common disorders that trouble us. Many of us get acne even when we grow up. Acne spoils our looks and affects our confidence. The scars are as bad and make us self-conscious. Can acne be contagious? Should we keep away from acne sufferers?

Acne- is it contagious or not?

For any diseases or condition to be contagious, there has be an agent that is passed on from one person to another.

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