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1). Enzymes – Great Workers In Human Body
Enzymes are the workers in the human body that make everything function by enabling chemical reactions. All the living cells in body contain enzymes but they are hard to visualize, since they are not tangible things. Enzymes are one of the most important things in human body that do everything ranging from helping us to breathe to digestion to living life.

2). Brief Overview and History of The Wallet
The Wallet is a tiny, often pocket sized tool for storing cash, and other small articles such as credit cards, bank cards, drivers licenses, identification cards, and other valuables such as these . Usually it is made from fabrics such as leather, or synthetic plastics.

3). Interior Design - Balance, Proportion, Rhythm, and Scale
Whether you have just bought your first new home or are planning to redo an old home from scratch, the elements and principles of design are important tools to ensure a successful outcome. The elements are your raw materials much like paints are to an artists and include space, line, form, color, and texture.

4). Home Remedies For Wart Removal
There are many different home remedies for wart removable and here are some of the more imaginative ones that I have been able to find. Good old apple cider vinegar, which is used for a host of remedies, is also a reputed use for wart removal.

5). Fan: An Overview Of Common Object
Fan is a very common object, to be found in almost all households and their presence are so obvious that we barely notice them as we visit a house for the first time.

6). Customize Your Car With Wheels And Rims
Post 1900’s, the aftermarket for cars’ wheels and rims has become huge. Everyone wants to customize their car with the latest and trendiest set of wheels. You car can look more trendy within minutes of installing the latest set of custom wheels and rims. But selecting the right one is extremely important.

Types of custom wheels and rims
There are many different types of wheels and rims that you can find in the market.

7). Construction – Building An Infrastructure
Construction means the building or assembly of any type of infrastructure. People might think this to be a single activity caused by one person, but in truth construction means a feat of multitasking. Usually there is a project manager who manages the entire team of individuals and other design engineers assist him on site along with foremen, who all are scrutinized closely by the stakeholders.

8). Sound Proofing Techniques
Are you frequently disturbed by different sounds entering your room while you are working or sleeping? It is then time for you to take a look into the different sound proofing techniques.

9). The Simple Rules for Playing Darts
The game of darts had its origins in England and may have first been made from the cross section of a tree or even the bottoms of wine casks which was why it was sometimes named “butts”.

10). Blower Fans And Industrial Fans
Blower fans and industrial fans are systems that provide air and gas movement in ventilation and circulation applications. Blower fans and industrial fans are used to stir up the air in cooling applications and to replace stale or contaminated air with fresh air in ventilation applications. Blower fans and industrial fans are used in numerous drying and cooling applications in almost every industry.

11). The Female Firefighter
Firefighting is no longer just the domain of the male. Just like every other career, trade, or profession women have made inroads into this traditionally male territory.

12). Silicon Wristbands - Enhance Your Personality
Wristbands/bracelets are encircling strips that are worn on the wrist to enhance the personality of a person. The term is used to refer to bracelet-like bands of a wristwatch, worn to the cuffs or to the sleeves that cover the wrists. They are also used to decorate the wrists or act as functional bands worn over the wrists by both men and women. One of the best types of wristbands includes the loops of plastic that are placed on the wrists for identification purposes.

13). Popcorn Diet: Successful Or Unsuccessful?
There is a lot of confusion concerning diets around North America. One minute we are told that low carb, high fat, high protein diets are best, while the next we hear that high carbohydrate, low fat diets are the ticket to weight loss. However, there is no real secret diet that will work for everyone, and it is important to pick a diet that works well with your likes and lifestyle.

14). Types of Bras
Though the origin of the bra dates back to over 6000 years ago, it has evolved from being a garment that revealed the breast; to one that was supposed to make them smaller and more manlike; to one that made the breasts look symmetrical; to today’s designer bras that have many different functions and designs.

15). Cold Sores – Type of Facial Lesion on Your Skin
Cold sores are a type of facial lesion and are found to grow either on the lips or in the skin area adjacent to the mouth. It is scientifically known as “Herpes Simplex” that occurs specially when someone is suffering from fever.

16). Rare Spanish Coins Found in Ship Wreck.
The Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, struck a reef and sank on September 6, 1622, during a raging hurricane near the Florida Keys. Mel Fisher and his company discovered the main wreck site on July 20, 1985 and ultimately recovered over 160,000 silver Spanish colonial coins.

17). Fun Things to do Outdoors with Your Family
Spending time with you family is vital for building healthy relationships with each other. Starting spending time with your kids when they are young will strengthen your relationship, get them physically active, and teach them how to have fun without video games or T.V.

18). How to Make Chocolate Dipped Candy
If you are dipping candy in chocolates, then the only chocolate you should use is top quality chocolate. Consider using confectionery chocolate, made especially for coating candy.

19). Cosmetic Dentistry - For That Brilliant Smile
Cosmetic dentistry offers options ranging from polishing, bleaching, covering techniques, bonding, implanting and orthodontia for complete mouth over, to give you the perfect smile. Recent medical advances have reduced the pain and trauma associated with dental work. An experienced dentist can help you to get that beautiful, brilliant and dazzling smile you always aspired for.

20). Ceiling Fan: A Brilliant Energy Saver
Come those sultry days of summer and everybody starts hunting for the ways to keep their houses cool. Yes of course there are air conditioners. But just think about the cost factors associated with air conditioning.

21). Moles, Warts, Skin Tags and Their Treatment
Skin lesions of various types like moles, warts, cysts and skin tags can be all very cumbersome. Though most of them are benign yet they may be painful or unsightly. They may even restrict movement. So, you may want to have them removed.

22). Lucrative Aspects Of Payday Loans
The payday loans have become very much in demand in recent times. They have many a lucrative feature, which makes them so popular. Payday loans are a hassle free, fast and convenient option for obtaining quick cash. Employed people or people having a regular source of income are greatly benefited in meeting their emergency cash needs by resorting to payday loans.

23). Colon Cleanse: Methods You Can Try at Home
Modern diet and lifestyle has affected the human body a great deal. White flour, meat and fibreless foods have taken their toll on the human digestive system.

24). Thai Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk
Thai curry has an absolutely amazing combination of flavors in it, and you can make it as spicy or as mild as you would like by adding less or more of the curry. You can buy Thai curry paste in most supermarkets, or you can look in Asian markets if you can’t find it anywhere else.

25). Whatever You Do, Don’t Squeeze That Zit!
Squeezing pimples or zits, as they are commonly called, can be painful and cause serious damage. An enduring myth about acne is that squeezing blackheads can clear up the acne faster. This myth is not only false, but following this advice can also cause long-lasting harm to the skin.

Pimples can be classified into two types. There is the non inflammatory type, which is essentially whiteheads and blackheads, also called closed comodones and open comodones respectively.

26). Can I Use a Hot Tub While Pregnant?
While you are pregnant, you do need to be careful about using spas or hot tubs. While you are pregnant, there are always risks of harming your baby if you over extend you time in a hot tub.

27). Types of Birth Control
Birth control, also known as contraceptives, is a term used to describe ways in which to avoid becoming pregnant. There are many types of birth control, some made for women and some for men. It is important to study your options before you decide which method is best for you.

28). Nylon Ropes: The Other Name for Sturdiness
Ropes are an important part of households as well as the industries. The ways how we use ropes and the materials that the ropes are made of have changed over times.

29). Ergonomics and You
Ergonomics is defined as the study of human factors and how they affect the design of equipment, systems, and jobs. The term human factors and ergonomics can be used interchangeably. The formal definition of ergonomics is:

30). Mini-Trampolines and your Lymphatic System
Exercising on a mini-trampoline is very helpful for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system rids the body of toxins, bacteria, trapped proteins, fat and heavy metals.

31). What is Bartending?
A bartender is someone who serves beverages behind a licensed bar to paying customers. A bartender can also be called a barkeep or a barmaid. Bartenders are found in bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs and other such places.

32). How to Drink Wine like a Professional
Most people like to enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, but to other people, drinking wine is an art form and they take it very seriously. The following article will give you tips on how to drink, taste and serve wine professionally.

33). Tips For Powder Coating
Powder coating is the youngest of the surface finishing techniques that is still in use today. It was first used in 1967 in Australia by Allan Davies.

Powder coating is the simple technique of applying dry paint to a part such as metal or plastic, and after the final coating is the same as a finished 2-coat wet paint job. Powder coating can be applied in two ways; either by lowering an item into a bed of powder which may or may not be electrically charged, or the powder paint is electrically charged and sprayed onto the part.

34). Ancient Rome Remains - Roman Shoes
Ancient Rome remains one of the most fascinating and interesting cultures to date. Still studied by thousands of scholars all over the world, there are still many facets of the ancient society that remain a mystery. One of the many areas of study is the type of clothes these people wore, including what they wore on their feet.

35). The Halitosis Of Bad Breath
Bad Breath or Halitosis is the term used to describe unpleasant smell exhaled in breathing. There are different types of Halitosis. Transient bad breath is very common and is caused due to oral dryness, stress, hunger, eating foods containing garlic and onions, smoking and poor oral hygiene. Morning breath and chronic bad breath are the other types.

36). Time Management - Pareto’s Law
Time management is an efficient tool of performing the tasks within a given time limit. In this context, Vilfredo Pareto found a law i.e., 80-20 law.

The law can find its roots in the year 1906. Pareto was working on finding the explanation to the economic disparities in the world. His theory had many takers and backed by various experts of that era.

37). Care For Your Tow Rope and Avoid Unnecessary Accidents
Just imagine a situation like this: you are on a holiday spree with your family moving on a utility vehicle when all the fun come to an abrupt stop because the vehicle have broken down in the middle of secluded national highway!

38). Amazing Thai Recipe
Bamboo Shoots: Bamboo shoots are called for in many Thai recipes. In order to prepare a bamboo shoot for cooking you need to peel them and boil the white inner stalks for 30 minutes in water. If you are using canned bamboo shoots you will only need to boil them for 10 minutes, or if they are going into curries or soups, boiling might not be required.

39). Drinking and Your Health
Besides smoking, drinking is the only legal drug. It isn’t uncommon for friends and family to drink and dine together on a regular basis. Consuming too much alcohol however, can be seriously dangerous to your health.

40). 3 Different Types Of Camera’s: Box, Folding-Roll, And Viewfinder
This article will outline 3 different types of camera’s: Box, Folding-Roll, and Viewfinder. This information will help you decide which camera suits your photography needs the best.

For over several decades the box camera was the gadget of choice for the typical amateur photographer. This is because it was cheap and simple, yet still capable of excellent results under most conditions.

41). Fork Lift Safety
A forklift is a motorized work truck that is used to lift and transfer materials by way of large steel “forks” which are inserted underneath a load such as wood, metal, etc. although Forklifts are most commonly used to move loads that are stored on pallets. The forklift was invented in the 1920’s by several different companies including the Clark Material Handling Company.

42). Plumbing - Is it Really That Complicated?
Most people think that the plumbing system in a home is more complicated than it really is because of it’s network of pipes and valves. Once you recognize the major components and the roles they play, home repairs are relatively easy to do.

43). Soundproofing Aspects
The mechanism involved in the construction of buildings rendering them impervious to sound and creating soundproofed chambers within is called soundproofing. Special soundproofing materials are used to achieve this. These act as an effective barrier and insulation provider against sound.

44). Biography of Ansel Adams
This article will feature some general background on Ansel Adams, a very famous photographer. If you are a photographer yourself this makes for a very short and interesting read.

45). Cocaine Addiction - Overcoming the Powder
Cocaine is a powerful stimulant with highly addictive properties that effect the brain directly. Cocaine is usually found in a white, crystalline powder, known as coke, blow, snow and other street names.

46). Drug Addiction – Uncontrollable Repetition Of A Behavior
Drug addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior that is regardless of its negative consequences. A person who gets addicted to drug is called an addict. There are three types of drug addiction:

47). Herbal Colon Cleansing Tips
Herbs play a pivotal role in detoxifying the body from waste and toxins. The techniques form an important part of herbal colon cleansing tips.

48). How to Avoid Acid Reflux with Diet
This article will help reveal the secret on how to avoid acid reflux with diet and nutrition.

49). Causes and Cures for Constipation
Many people in out modern society, especially people in North America, suffer from
constipation; a disorder that involves difficult, incomplete, or infrequent evacuation
of dry hardened feces from the bowels.

50). The Virgin Banker
There are a number of things to consider before opening your first bank account. The first thing to consider before opening your first bank account is whether or not you have enough money to warrant opening such an account.

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