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1). Somogyi Effect and the Dawn Phenomenon
Diabetes is an illness that the patient must live with the rest of their lives. The key to living with diabetes successfully is tight glycemic control, or controlling blood sugar levels.

2). Electrolyte Imbalance: Signs and Symptoms of Hyperkalemia
Electrolyte imbalances within the body can occur in response to many factors. When a person is dehydrated either from sickness or starvation, their electrolytes can become depleted. Certain medications can cause electrolyte imbalances as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes and renal failure.

3). Buying Gold Jewelry: What You Need to Know
Gold has been valued by humanity since the dawn of civilization and gold jewelry never goes out of style. However, in order to make the best possible choice when buying gold jewelry it is good to know some of the basic facts as well as the jargon of the jewelry trade.

4). Cigar Smoking At Newborn Baby Celebrations
The origins of those customs surrounding birth, death and marriage are perhaps the hardest to trace. After all, these are among the oldest and least negotiable facts of human experience (along with eating, government, inclement weather, the sense of the sacred, and, perhaps, bad sitcom reruns).

5). The Basics of Rheumatoid Arthritis
According to the Arthritis Foundation, an estimated 67 million Americans will have some form of arthritis by 2030. Arthritis is a general term that refers to a condition that causes inflammation in a joint, which is characterized by redness, warmth, swelling, and pain within the joint.

6). Unnatural Selection: A Brief History Of Horse Breeding
Who first thought of horse breeding? Who was the first person to decide that it was time for humans to give horses a hand in reproducing - a figure of speech that may seem all too apt to those who know a few things about the digital-stimulation techniques used in modern horse-breeding?

7). Cancer Awareness Jewelry: Hope and Charm Bracelets
In recent years, the ongoing battle for a breast cancer cure has gained notoriety as more and more lives have become touched by the devastating emotional and physical trials of cancer. Yet where the malignancy of cancer lurks, supportive movements such as the recent
popularization of Cancer Awareness Jewelry prevail, helping to sustain the fight against the disease and fortify the battle for a cure.

8). How To Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry
Since ancient times, silver has been used to make jewelry and decorative items. However, since the 18th century, more silver has been mined and used than in all prior centuries combined. Silver alone is a soft metal and therefore too soft to be used for jewelry and other items. To make it more durable, it is mixed with other metals, known as alloy, to create sterling silver.

9). Parts Cleaner Gravimetric Testing Procedures
Increasingly tight cleanliness specifications make it difficult to know when a part is clean without a reliable testing method. Contamination on parts is often very small material, not visible to the eye, and therefore an objective method is necessary to properly evaluate whether or not a part is ready to be shipped or moved to the next step in the production process.

10). New Murano Glass Beads For Pandora Bracelets
Pandora Jewelry recently added 12 new styles to its Murano Glass bead collection. These new bead designs add style, color, and flair to your Pandora bracelet or necklace. Dress up this fall in colorful swirls, polka dots, zigzags, and flower designs.

11). Great Racehorses Of The Thirties
The 1920s, to hear some historians tell it, were one big party - at least for the luckier part of the population, the folks listed in the Social Registry, the partygoers who found themselves fictionalized in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the descendants of the robber barons of the Gilded Age.

12). The Truth about Hydro De-Burring in the Parts Cleaner Process
Complex aluminum parts often leave behind burrs during the manufacturing process. Burrs can be located deep within tough to reach holes, or in more accessible locations along grooves. No matter where they are located, it is necessary to remove these burrs before the product is finished.

13). Identifying and Caring for Your Pearls
Pearls are highly treasured gems and require proper care in order to ensure a beauty and luster to last a lifetime. Here are some tips for identifying pearls and for taking care of them.

Identifying Imitation Pearls

14). Holy Smoke!: When Tobacco Was A Religious Ritual
Many cigar smokers know that their chosen indulgence was once, for many Native American groups, part of religious ceremonies. But do they also know that as late as 1586, one British scientist was so taken with the mind- and feeling-altering powers of tobacco as to call it a "holy smoke"?

15). Metal Cleaning: Environmental Impact of Hermetically Sealed Solvent Degreasing
Organic solvents have long been considered to be the best option for removing contamination from metal parts. This is due to a range of factors. Among these include repeatable high levels of surface cleanliness, ability to remove a wide range of soils, and reduced cycle times.

16). Four Famous Fictional Cigar Smokers
Cigar smoking enjoyed an abrupt, and steep, spike in popularity during the 1990s, after years of decline. Cigar bars and shops sprang up even in midsize towns and cities, while profits experienced heady growth.

17). Cigars: A Creative Wedding Gift
We hand out cigars during bachelor parties, of course - in fact, it may be hard to imagine the tradition without one. Ditto bachelorette parties, with their air of carnivale and tit-for-tat debauchery. As for the birth of newborns, the practice of lighting up a stogy to celebrate a new arrival has been firmly entrenched by the centuries.

18). Working Safely With Utility Knives and Box Cutters
Thousands of workers are injured each year using box cutters. To avoid injury or damage to inventory, retail workers should use caution when opening boxes and checking freight. Here is a quick guide to safely when opening a carton with a box cutter.

19). Battling Sexism On The Racing Track
Being the first woman in a male-dominated field is no picnic. You may face public incomprehension, professional hostility, even legal challenges or death threats. In one study of female firefighters, 88% of respondents reported experiencing sexual harassment (and 70% reported ongoing harassment).

20). Unsaleable: Reducing the Cost of Damaged Goods
Even with improvements in packaging, shipping practices, warehouse design, and software, cutting the cost of unsaleable products is the constant challenge for those in the grocery industry.

21). Fine Cigars from Bahamas, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Greece
Cigars come from all over the world. Why, then, do cigar aficionados so often limit themselves to a handful (literally) of well-regarded smokes from a few highly-regarded companies or regions? Perhaps like a passionate music fan visiting the "International" section of a CD store for the first time...

22). A History of Industrial Recycling
The word "recycling" makes many think of the little blue bins where we place our old cereal boxes, empty soda cans, and unneeded paper. But recycling actually takes many other forms: for example, the form of a golf course built on a landfill; a piece of modern art made from old tin cans; or World War II-era rubber recycling which helped the war effort.

23). Kick Boxing - Getting Your Kicks
Not only can cardio kickboxing pack a knockout punch for your fitness goals, but judging by the expressions on the faces of its participants, the activity is also a knee-slapping good time.

24). Novelty Cigar Boxes: The Second Wave
From mug-shaped cigar boxes to gameboard boxes, the cigar makers of the world have shown great creativity in packaging their wares, and no period was more fertile for the cigar-box collector as that from 1878 to the early twentieth century. (All info here courtesy of the National Cigar Museum.)

25). Parts Washer: Removal of Chlorinated Paraffins
Chlorinated paraffins are excellent stamping lubricants. They protect the tooling during deep draws and allow the formation of the part to take place without weakening the metal. The problem arises when these waxy lubricants need to be removed from the part after they have been formed and before the next process.

26). Horse Racing in Literature
Horse racing, the second most-popular spectator sport in America, remains as vital as ever, but its age, high drama, and historical appeal as the "sport of kings" ensure that it also has a place in the history of literature.

27). Where Do The Best Cigars Come From? A Country-By-Country Look
Though the first word that comes to many minds in reference to "cigars" is, of course, "Cuba," great cigars come from all over the world. And, in fact, the expertise that went into making Cuba such a cigar powerhouse for so long (as it remains today) has been dispersed to other countries - as a result of some of the same historical upheavals...

28). British Crown Jewels Represent One of the Largest Jewelry Collections in Existence
Subject to a turbulent history and much thievery, the British Crown Jewels represent the regalia and vestments worn by the king or queen of the United Kingdom during a coronation ceremony and other state functions.

29). Knife Blades: A Guide to the Different Kinds of Knife Blades
The knife was one of the first tools used by early humans, and in the past thousands of years its use and its design have evolved considerably. Today there are several different kinds of knives, made from a variety of materials, and used as tools,

30). Vermicomposting: How To Make Worm Castings
We have all heard of composting. Composting is simply the decomposition of organic waste like yard waste and kitchen waste into a very rich and nutritional dirt-like substance. Vermicomposting is very similar to composting, but vermicomposting ...

31). UV-Ozone Cleaning: Introduction and Basics
Ozone, a compound consisting of three oxygen atoms, is a highly efficient cleaner. When paired with an ultraviolet light source, ozone is able to clean nearly any surface rapidly and effectively. This has been confirmed through years of testing and research.

32). Burning Down The House: How To Light A Cigar
Like any essential, simple activity, lighting a cigar has been rendered an expensive process by modern capitalism. You might think a box of matches would do the trick, but why settle for little sticks of burning wood when you could be lighting your stogies with ...

33). The History of Gold Jewelry, Part 3
During the 14th and 15th centuries jewelry became an important feature for both male and female attire.

In the first half of the 15th century jewels composed of enameled gold figures, flowers, and foliage modeled in high relief were frequently mixed with clusters of pearls to create stunning ornaments.

34). Great African-American Jockeys In American Thoroughbred Racing
American sports, like most American institutions, has a history of shameful racism, and this includes Thoroughbred horse racing - as anyone who has scanned the insulting, stereotypical names of some racehorses of the 1920s will confirm. At the same time, one of the inspiring things about sports is that way that, at least some of the time, excellence triumphs even in the face of prejudice...

35). Natural Male Enhancement Instead Of Prescription Drugs For Male Impotence
The cost of a prescription drug for male impotence has to certainly be overwhelming for anyone with erectile dysfunction.

36). Ancient Sumeria to Pre-Columbian America: The Sparkling History of Jewelry
The history of a mineral, crystal or metal can unlock a deeper, more meaningful value to jewelry. Indeed, the anthropology, archaeology, geography, and technology of special gems and elements can provide rich stories.

37). Metal Cleaning: Introduction and Use of Chlorinated Parrafin
The stamping industry focuses on clean cuts and fast forming. Clean cuts and forms prevent metal from losing strength or stretching. Cost and production rates are of equal importance. These necessitate finding a lubricant that extends the life of the tooling that forms the product.

38). Olympic Athletes Fine Tune Bodies for Performance
Olympic athletes, professional athletes and even college athletes know that treating their bodies right, not only through diet and exercise but also skin care and health can yield improved results on and off the playing field.

39). Parts Cleaner: Firbimatic Sealed Perchlorethlyne Cycle
The Firbimatic washer allows manufacturers to use solvent cleaning in their plants while still adhering to environmental regulations in place to limit solvent use. The Firbimatic is designed with these specifications in mind, and controls the environmental impact of the solvent used.

40). Popping the Question: Creative Ideas for Unforgettable Proposals
Nearly every girl dreams of the day when it will be her turn to walk down the aisle. She also dreams of receiving a proposal for marriage. That singular event which kicks off the eventual wedding day is considered so important, there are actually companies which help suitors plan and execute a truly memorable proposal.

41). The Hidden Meanings Of European And American Charms
Starting at the inception of the 20th century and extending until the 1960s, it was a mark of the middle-class that young girls be given a charm bracelet before they reached puberty. At every holiday or anniversary, a new charm is added to the bracelet, often by the relative who had given the original bracelet.

42). Learning To Savor The Moment: How To Be A Quality Cigar Taster
There are certain people whose jobs seem more enviable than others. Professional restaurant critics. Wine tasters. Book reviewers. And, for people who love premium cigars, no job could be more enjoyable than that of a professional cigar reviewer for a popular cigar publication.

43). How Did Horses Become Domesticated?
Trying to pin down the moment at which horse and human history were first entwined is like trying to name the inventor of the wheel. The domesticated horse looms so large in human culture, and casts its shadow from so far back in time, that we may never know much about its origins.

44). The Invention of the Knife and Safety Tools of Today
Of all the tools in our society, only the wheel and the lever can compete with the common household knife for the title of All-Time Most Useful. As essential in the kitchen as it is on the battlefield, and necessary in a wide variety of trades and crafts, the knife is one of the building blocks of civilization.

45). The ABCs of Cigar Humidors
Casual cigar owners often ask themselves: is a humidor really necessary? The answer is: only if you care about the quality and taste of your cigars. After all, for some smokers, the after-dinner cigar is more symbolic than anything - a conspicuous display, perhaps, of taste and leisure, or a social or familial ritual.

46). The Different Types of Knives That Are Used as Tools
Knives were one of the first kinds of tools developed by early humans and although they are most commonly thought of as weapons they are still used as tools. Take a look at this guide to the most commonly used tool-knives.

47). Math Tutorial: Finding the Greatest Common Factor and Factoring Squares
Greatest Common Factor: of two numbers is the result of two numbers being factored into their smaller factors individually and the of all the numbers that are factors, the one that is greatest is the greatest common factor:

48). Hydroponics Produces Power for People and Greenhouse
While many business owners would not care for the idea of a power plant being built next door to their company, Great Northern Hydroponics saw instead an exciting opportunity.

49). Humidors To The Rescue: A Necessity For Every Cigar Smoker
Perhaps the movies are to blame. All those scenes where the powerful businessman or politician says to the ingenuous hero, "May I offer you a cigar," then - without missing a beat - brandishes a gold-embossed cigar case. A case with no humidity controls. A case that is not a humidor.

50). High Pressure Washer: Is Water De-Burring for You?
High pressure de-burring utilizes water jet streams from 3,000 to 7,500+ psi to knock unwanted burrs from finished parts. By processing cast, cut or bored parts through a high pressure system, companies are able to create high quality, consistently finished parts each time with no possibility of diminished effectiveness. High pressure de-burring operations though, do have limited applications.

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