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The Dry Milking Technique for Penis Enlargement

By:Dane Bergen

Dry milking is another variation of the jelq but this method is neither sexually stimulating nor messy. This exercise is very discreet and it can be done before you go to bed or after a nice warm shower. Please not that you will not require any lubrication for this exercise.

Dry milking is similar to jelqing in the way that it works, in that you are still forcibly pushing an increased amount of blood into the corpora cavernosa and the repetitious exercise forces these blood spaces to continually stretch.

Dry milking can also help to stretch the tissues of the penis and the suspensory ligaments which means that it will lengthen your penis as well as increase the girth. If you perform this exercise correctly, you can expect to notice the results after one month.

Here's the technique:

Your penis will need to be semi-erect in order to perform this exercise. Once slightly erect grip the base of your penis with your hand in an ok sign position. Be careful not to slide your fingers over the skin, and simply pull your hand down to about half way. You then move your hand back to the base of your penis and repeat.

Once you have worked on the base of your penis for a while you can then progress. To do this you will move your hand still in the ok sign position towards the middle of the shaft. You can continue to repeat this exercise for as long as you feel comfortable.

When performing this exercise you may find that your penis will start to become erect. If this happens, just squeeze the head of your penis and hold to stop it, or else just stop exercising until it goes away.

A good variation of this exercise is to do it lying down in bed. Just lie on your back with your knees bent and start pulling your penis towards each of your legs.

Your hand may tire whilst doing this exercise but don't worry, over time not only will you get a bigger penis, but you will also get a strong hand too.

You should continue this for as long as possible. When you have finished, your penis will be very tired but will probably look very pumped up. In order to maintain these gains and cool down properly, you should pump your PC muscles several times whilst massaging your penis till you reach an erection. Keep going until you are near ejaculation and then flex your PC muscle as hard as you can to eliminate any chance of ejaculation. Once the urge to cum has passed, you should repeat this procedure another 4 times to maximize results.

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