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Australia's Vacation Playground

By:Jamie R

From all over Australia people take their vacations on the Gold Coast, which has rightly earned itself the number one vacation spot in the country. With it's temperate climate the Gold Coast is an all year round vacation spot.

With a choice of accomodation that is mind boggling, catering from backpackers to 5 star luxury, motel style to apartment buildings 50 storeys high everyone is catered for.

Once your settled in it's time to play. Spend it up at Jupiters Casino with the high rollers or head of to one of the many restaurant, nightclubs or bars.

The Gold Coast is home to the theme parks. Seaworld, Dreamworld, Movieworld and Wet'n'Wild are all within reach of your accommodation. Swim with the dolphins, get up close to a Bengal Tiger or have the thrill of a lifetime on some of the awesome rides.

Down on the water catch a world class wave or a try your luck at a spot of game fishing. If your worn out from the night before you can sunbake under the sun one of the many Gold Coast beaches, just don't forget to swim between the flags.

If you are after a vacation jam packed full of fun you can't pass up the Gold Coast.

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Article keywords: theme parks, dreamworld, movieworld, seaworld, wetnwild, goldcoast, restaurants, nightclubs, bars

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Author: Jamie Ritchie, Resort Manager

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