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Products and Lotions for Adult Massage

By:Amy Nutt

There are several different lotions, gels, oils and other products in the market that are intended for use during adult massage. Many of these products can be purchased at retail locations or over the internet. Purchasing products and lotions for adult massage over the internet offers a degree of privacy that walking into a store location simply cannot. Below is an overview of some of the different items that are widely used for sensual massage.

Adult Massage Lotions

There are several different types of massage lotions that are used for sensual massage. Scented lotions come in a wide array of fragrances. You can choose from lotions with sweet scents, spicy scents, scents that are based on designer perfumes or colognes, or scents that are based on favorite edible delights. Some scented adult massage lotions claim to have aroma therapeutic properties or even aphrodisiac effects. Adult massage lotions also come in a wide variety of consistencies and textures. There are massage lotions that are smooth, silky and liquidy, while yet others are firmer and have a creamier texture. Some adult massage lotions can feel oily and greasy to the touch, while others virtually disappear into the skin. It will take some time and trial and error before you figure out exactly what your preference is.

Adult Massage Oils

Adult massage oils are very similar to lotions used for adult massage in purpose. Like lotions, massage oils come in a wide variety of different scents ranging from sweet, to spicy, to musky and everything in between. Many adult massage oils contain essential oils which are said to not only contain aroma therapeutic properties, but also healing properties. Adult massage oils that contain essential oils can literally awaken the senses when the right scent is chosen. There are also adult massage oils that contain special properties that make them perfect for sensual massage. Some of these oils have a quality that makes them warm when they are applied to the skin or rubbed in. Other oils are flavored so that its uses can be two-fold.

Adult Massage Products

In addition to lotions and oils used for adult massage, there is a wide variety of other massage products that are also available for use in sensual massage. One of these types of products is candles. Sensual massage candles sometimes contain special scents that are said to contain aphrodisiac qualities. Candles of any type can be used to set the stage for a great adult massage experience. Feathers are also used sometimes in sensual massage for a light, pleasing, teasing touch. Feathers made specifically for adult massage are available widely at store retail locations or over the internet.


Another type of massage product that is frequently used for adult massage is the massager. A massager is a device that vibrates or provides a repetitive pulsing action. These massagers can be large or small, electric or battery operated, and can provide a wonderful, soothing massage experience. There are also adult massagers that do not use any type of electrical power. Some massagers are simply handheld devices with different shapes that are intended to be used during sensual massage. Some of these adult massage products actually have a technology that allows them to warm up, providing added heat and pleasure. Some of these massagers can chafe the skin if not used with care. In order to avoid damage caused to the skin by excessive friction, it is a good idea to use most of these adult massage products with a lubricant. Many of the adult massage lotions and oils mentioned above can serve this purpose.

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