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Tightening Your Belt Without Pinching Your Skin

By:Toby Dicks

Our present economic climate is not in a good way right now and this has had wide reaching implications for many British families... However this doesn't mean that we have to go without! We may need to reduce our spending on certain things, but there are plenty of ways to save our money on others. Here are a few examples...

* Travel

A lot of us will love to go out for a drive somewhere in the family saloon; but wait! How many of these trips actually need to be made by car???

We can often save a fortune in fuel by walking or cycling instead. Try to use your car only for longer journeys!

* Holidays

No-one should have to go without their holiday!!!

When you are deciding on where to go, give some thought to holiday cottages. These can be found in virtually any area of the country and they will normally be a far less costly option.

Also, why not consider a 5 day break instead of a 7 day one? This will only make a small difference to the length of your time away, but it can make a much larger one to the overall cost...

* Shopping

Try and get into the habit of comparing prices, it's surprising how much you can save on your weekly shop.

It's also worth trying out some of the 'own-brand' foods in supermarkets... many of these will taste just as good, yet they will be far cheaper than 'big-name' goods!

* Clearout

When was the last time you went up in the attic? The chances are that you have loads of unwanted items up there and some of these could earn you some welcome dosh!

Make full use of your internet connection and sell some old possessions online! There are some really good auctions sites to use and they will only take a very small percentage of your profits.

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