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Micro Penis Problems, Causes And Treatments

By:George Watson

According to current research, a man with a micro penis is one with a very small penis size. A micro penis is stretched to 2 centimeters or less at birth, and up to 4 centimeters in adulthood.

These numbers are debated by experts but they give a general example of how micro penis is defined. The condition is diagnosed shortly after birth, when all the parts of the genitals like the penis, scrotum and perineum are all fully formed. The micro penis syndrome is very rare and only appears in about 0.6% of the male population.

The causes of micro penis

The causes of the micro penis condition are believed to be a low production of prenatal androgen. Before birth, the male baby does not get the right amount of androgen which stops the penis from growing to a more normal size.

Other problems are the babys low ability to produce hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These growth hormones can result in a growth hormone deficiency. The micro penis can also result from low stimulation of the pituitary gland.

No matter the cause of micro penis, the condition can have a profound impact on a mans self esteem in life. While a man with micro penis can still father children, sex can be very difficult. But who wants to have sex only to be able to father children? Even the long held practice of standing up while urinating is almost impossible for a man with micropenis.

Is there an effective treatment for micropenis?

Yes, there are ways to treat micropenis. Right after birth is the best time to treat it. One way is to supplement the infants own hormone production. Also many surgical techniques for enlarging the penis have been developed but these are not used for micropenis because the result is not thought to be good enough.

Another technique is the use of the traction device, which has no limit as to how effectively it can lengthen the penis. Use of a traction device for penis enlargement is now a common practice, instead of resorting to the painful and artificial solution of surgery.

Using penis enlargement exercises to stretch and enlarge the penis is another way to treat micro penis. Sometimes, a traction device may not be used as the penis is too small to be secured in the device. However after six to eight months of exercising, or when it is possible to fit a device, the traction device can be used by itself or along with penile exercises to stretch the penis longer and thicker.

Men who suffer from micro penis should not try to solve the problem on their own. Before you try anything you find on the Internet or any place else, go see a doctor, and a Urologist if possible, and discuss the previously mentioned treatment options and any others you may find in your research.

You should always weigh your options before taking action, especially when theres no going back. If you are not sure whether you have micro penis, check with a GP and they will either tell you if your penis size is normal or they will refer you to a specialist for further advice.

However, if you dont have a micro penis, but instead have a small penis and want to enlarge it without seeking surgical options, you can try some penis enlargement exercises or a traction device.

Both methods ensure you safety, privacy and complete control to understand and utilize the techniques to achieve permanent gains in length and girth at your own pace.

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George Watson is a popular Mens Health researcher. Read more about Micro Penis and also penis enlargement at his penis device review website,

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