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The Truth About Average Teen Male Penis Size & What To Do About A Small Penis

By:Karin Manning

Many teenagers wonder if their teen male penis size is normal. This article will discuss the average penis size from birth plus the truth about teen male penis size and why your teenage yours are the best time of your life to increase the size of your penis.

The average length of the male penis at birth is 4 cms, the average being between 2.4 and 5.5 cms. During the first five years of a boy's life the growth of the penis is very limited. Additionally, from 5 years of age to around 13 there is also no significant penis growth.

Thank God For Puberty & The Teenage Years I'm sure you remember your teenage years when your body was buzzing with hormones in huge amounts. It is these very hormones that actually control your penis growth. It is also these very hormones that actually give you your best opportunity to create new penis growth.

Puberty is the time in a boy's life when significant physical and emotional changes occur. Puberty is the life stage when a boy's body is preparing for manhood. The hormones produced at puberty cause almost strange and forein changes to occur to a boy's body. This is normal and happens to every boy.

The first noticeable physical change will be your testes getting larger. You will also see the onset of pubic hair. It is also at this point that your penis size will start to increase.

Prior to puberty boys only experience "dry" orgasms. However, with the onset of puberty boys experience ejaculation and an increase in sex drive.

The increased production of hormones and testosterone in a boy's body also causes the foreskin to retract in puberty.

The Average Teen Penis Size According To Age 25 percent of men consider themselves to be late developers in penis size. This is good news for boys as some penises are in fact not fully grown until the boy reaches around 16 years of age. If at the age of 16 or 17 you have not seen a significant increase in penis size then you may want to see your doctor for advice or look at penis enlargement options.

As a result of the huge demand for information about the teen penis size studies and reports have been generated after studying hundreds and even thousands of patients. These measurements are taken from the tip of the penis to the base.

Age 11 - 3 inches aroused

Age 12 - 3.8 inches aroused.

Age 13 - 4.8 inches

Age 14 - 5.4 inches

Age 15 - 5.6 inches

Age 16 - 5.7 inches

Age 17 - 5.8 inches

Age 18 - 5.8 inches

Age 19+ - 5.9 inches

As evident from the chart above, penis growth will significantly slow down. Between 5 and 13 years of age is the quickest time for the penis to increase in size. Of course, teen penis size as well as grown men penis size differs for individuals. If you do not notice any significant penis growth after puberty has stopped and your penis size is troubling you then consult your doctor or look at permanent penis enlargement methods available.

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