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Your Baby is the Best, Now You Need the Best Baby Sling

By:Art Gib

With all the variations on what seemingly looks like the same baby sling, how do you know what is the best for you and your baby? We are going to help you decide what's best for you, and yours and we'll share some great websites, and products that you can check out.

With the economy being so down, price is probably key when looking at slings. Prices can vary from affordable to atrocious; think thirty bucks to over a hundred! Sometimes the reason for the dramatic price increase isn't just safety - it's the materials used. The more fancy the fabric, the more you pay. Many independent businesses have started selling baby slings and carriers that are made from beautiful, intricate fabrics but that will cost you a pretty penny. If you're keen on purchasing something that's aesthetically pleasing, check up on it first! Gorgeous doesn't always equal safe, and safety is key! You want a sling that's going to enable you to move around freely, without compromising your child's safety. Next there's the comfort issue' f you're going to wear your baby you want to do so without back retching pain, and sore hips, no? A good baby carrier will have padding for not only the baby, but you too! Don't be afraid to take your time, and shop around'll need to with so many options available.

If you Google "baby sling" you're going to come back with so many companies that are begging you to try their product. Don't fall for it! Websites that are made for moms, by moms that review slings and carriers and are dedicated to providing you with information on the best baby sling, are what you want to look for...we recommend Mama Speaks which has an entire section devoted to the baby wearer. Check out parenting websites like Baby Center or Parents magazine for news on the latest and greatest baby slings. Don't be shy to join online parenting communities like Cafemom, where you can search for other baby-wearing parents, and get recommendations on the best baby carries to boot. Etsy is another fantastic place to look for slings made by mothers! Etsy hosts a load of homemade products that are beautiful, and affordable, and many of the slings and carriers on the site are made by mothers who have safety, and durability in mind. If you choose to purchase one from this website, you also have the luxury of speaking with the maker and asking questions or concerns you may have regarding their product. This is a great personal approach to finding the best baby carrier.

As far as individual baby carriers goes, Consumer Reports tells us that the number one front carrier is the Baby Bjorn. This has gotten positive reviews from parents many years in a row, and it's managed to pull ahead of all the new rings, slings and pouches as best baby carrier. The Maya wrap sling was another on the list for the best of the best, and if you're looking for a wrap, you may want to consider looking into that one! We won't ruin all of them for you, and if you want to read the lists of the best baby carries check out your consumer report guide. You can find it online, or request a catalog which will give you consumer reports for products of all nature!

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Art Gib writes and contributes for many baby and parent online publications including HugaMonkey. Always on a quest for the best baby gear, Art can help point out the best baby slings for parents and baby. For more information regarding the best baby slings, visit

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