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The Truth about Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pumps

By:George Watson

Penis pumps are the first method penis enlargement device ever invented by man, hanging weights dont count because hanging weights from your penis is too simple to be called operating a device. Penis enlargement pumps have been around for a while and their growth in popularity has no end in sight.

But, before you start whipping out your credit card, there are a few things you should know. My goal is not to sell you on any type of product but instead make you aware of any potential hazards there are with any particular penis enlargement devices, just in this case we are talking about the penis pump.

All too often, men are more than happy to stop thinking and rush over to any nice looking website or online store that offers a quick fix to their needs. The truth is that life is not that easy.

If you have never seen a penis enlargement vacuum pump before, a penis vacuum pump is a cylinder shaped tube that fits tightly over the penis. It lets no air in and what air is inside is removed by the pump. The pressure created by the vacuum pump stretches the inner spongy tissues that fill with blood when you get an erection.

The tissues fill up with much more blood than normal and the size and quality of the erection grows. The penis is said to enlarge permanently by doing this but is that true? The answer is no. Putting any part of the human body under such strong pressure is going to need to relieve itself after the pressure goes away and is bound to result in some blood vessel rupture.

You dont need to read this article to know that internal bleeding is bad. Although the bleeding is only in the penis, and blood vessels heal in time, using the penis vacuum pump often enough is very likely to cause permanent damage.

So the benefits of the penis enlargement pump are only with you a short time. The bigger and harder erections achieved with the penis enlarger pump only last an hour or two as any man suffering from poor blood circulation or diabetes can tell you.

The strong vacuum the pump creates does fill the penis to the brim with blood, but that extra blood with start leaving the penis to even things out as soon as you take off the pump. Some men use a cock ring at the base of the penis to trap the extra pumped blood in. This only adds to the risk in trying to get a stronger and harder erection.

Stopping the blood from circulating for a long time prevents the blood vessels of getting the oxygen they need, and they will start dying. This is the kind of real long term damage that can result from using a penis enlargement pump. The pump also tends to dull the sensation of the penis, because the vacuum does not know the difference between tissue cells and nerve cells.

The potential problems posed by the penis pump are added to by the fact that every man requires a different pump intensity. The suggestedp pump pressure on the box is not always the safest bet. You may have heard some of the horror stories about men pumping their way into impotence or curved penises told by friends of the guys who were scarred for life by penis pumps. Or any of the stories about people who thought they knew everything about the pump until they got their balls sucked into the cylinder. To say that having your balls crushed in a penis vacuum pump is painful would be a massive understatement

This is why any man thinking about trying a penis enlargement vacuum pump should not let himself get carried away and buy a potentially very dangerous device. The pump is not the only way to enlarge the penis.

There are ways to gain a bigger penis size without risking impotence or pain. The penis enlargement traction device is a new generation of penis enlargement device that works completely differently than a penis pump. The device works by gently stretching the tissues of the penis forcing them to grow. The stretching results in permanent growth whereas the results from penis pumping are only temporary.

The traction device has been clinically tested under close supervision by medical professionals before the traction device was released to the public. Another major difference between the traction device and the pump is control. If you have never seen a traction device, there are two metal bars that run along the side of the penis shaft that you are always in total control of. The bars are turned to allow more stretching force and the device can be easily removed at any time.

Another option is manual penis enlargement exercises. These are considered to be the safest method of all as they provide a completely manual approach and you decide how much pressure to apply for yourself. Consider this advice when deciding on what type of penis enlargement method you could try and always bear in mind that while effectiveness is important, too much safety is never a bad thing when your penis is involved.

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George Watson is a popular Mens Health researcher. Read more about penis enlargement vacuum pumps at his penis enlargement device website,

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