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Methods To Increase Penis Size And Girth

By:Chris Chew

Most men secretly wished that they have larger penis both in terms of its length and girth although they probably do not have undersized penis. This is because guys think that their penis size affects their sexual performances and their ability to satisfy their sexual partners. The surprising thing is that most women don't give a hoot about their men's penile size at all, but who's to listen?

Numerous surveys conducted on women, contradict this predominantly male belief. Women say that they are not really concerned about penis sizes, but rather on the skill of her man and his overall attitude towards sex.

Many men are so obsessed about the size of their penis that they put plenty of pressure on themselves during sexual acts until they either suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Guys, penis enlargement surgeons say it is all in your head. If you think that your penis size matters, then it does. At least to you.

Another fallacy is that most men think that they have a small penis compared to other men and that women love men with a large penis which again isn't true. So why are men so obsessed with their penis size? Okay, here is the bitter pill to swallow. It is all about pride and ego. Period.

So if you are still concerned about your down under manhood, here are four popular methods to enlarge your dick without having to go under a surgeon's knife to enlarge your sex tool.

Penis Extenders - Penis extenders are traction devices that act on the principles of traction. Its spring tension bars apply small amount of stress to the penis in order to increase the size of the corpora cavernosa in the penis cavities which blood enters. Some studies have shown that penis extenders can even successfully treat mild cases of erectile dysfunctions.

Penis Enhancement Pills or Supplements - These supplements are usually made from a combination of herbal ingredients such as horny goat weed, panax ginseng, tongkat ali and l-arginine amongst others. These herbs help to improve blood circulation to the penis. By increasing the blood flow, the muscle in the penis learns to expand and accept more blood into it thus making it larger and firmer during erections as it is flushed with more blood.

Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pumps - With blood circulation playing an important role in the enlargement process, vacuum pumps are used to improve blood circulation. Although results may not be permanent, vacuum pumps can also treat erectile dysfunction by diverting blood flow to the penis to keep it hard.

Jelq Exercise - This enlargement exercise is call Jelqing and it is said to increase the girth of the penis. Jelqing is thought to have Arabic origins when fathers would prepare their sons for marriage by showing them this technique to impress their brides to be.

This exercise will require some lubrication and then massaging the penis gently until it is in a semi-erection state. Then with your left hand's palm facing you, make an OK sign and grasp the base of your penis keeping a tight grip and slide your fingers toward the head. The idea is to push the blood to the head. Once you reached the head, use your other hand to do the same motion again and then repeat the movements again and again.

Now that you know some of the methods to enlarge your manhood, why not try them out to see if they work for you.

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