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This Summer Vacation We Are Visiting A Continent

By:Phoenix Delray

Where can you go on vacation to see the natural wonders and wide open spaces and see an entire continent? Australia!

From beaches to deserts, the Outback country is one of the most highly urbanized countries. Many cosmopolitan attractions of cities like Sidney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and more are major tourist attractions. The country, one of the wealthiest in the world, is renown for it is untouched landscape and very unique culture.

One of the must see Australia vacation stops is the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. Canberra, is a part of NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN), an international network of antennas that support interplanetary spacecraft missions, and radio astronomy observations for the exploration of the Solar System and beyond.

The DSN has three tracking stations around the world that are linked to NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Tidbinbilla has four giant antennae, the main antenna is over 70 meters in diameter and is the largest in the southern hemispheres. This antenna received some of Neil Armstrongs giant leap for mankind on the moon in 1969. While there you can see a 3.8 billion year old Moon rock, check out an astronaut suit and dine at the Moon Rock Cafe. Open 365 days a year and admission is FREE.

The National Museum of Australia covers the land, nation and people of Australia in Canberra. The museum contains social history and reveals the stories of ordinary and extraordinary Australians, and promotes the exploration of knowledge and ideas by providing a forum for discussion and reflection. The National Historical Collection contains almost 200,000 objects representing Australias history and cultural heritage. Through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Cultures and histories, you can explore Australia through experiences, stories and images of Indigenous Australians.

You can also experience the Great Barrier Reef up close. The Reef is the only living thing that you can see from space. Feel free to explore shallow bays, exclusive islands, rainforests and remote reefs aboard the award-winning MV Reef Endeavour. Once there, you can stroll along white sand beaches and snorkel amongst a kaleidoscope of fish on the outer Ribbon and Hedley Reefs. Also discover Lizard Island's giant clam gardens only meters from the shore. You can hear native birds call from the rainforest.

Ancient and diverse flora and fauna of Mount Field National Park, the pristine wilderness of the Franklin River and many other sites make Tasmania a must see. The diverse history of Port Arthur the spectacular forest backdrop of Wineglass Bay should not be missed.

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