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Do you have Ileocecal Valve Syndrome?

By:Paul Fitzgerald

The Ileocecal Valve is located between the ileum (last portion of your small intestine) and the cecum (first portion of your large intestine). Its function is to allow digested food materials to pass from the small intestine into your large intestine. The ileocecal valve also blocks these waste materials from backing back up into your small intestine. It is intended to be a one-way valve, only opening up to allow processed foods to pass through.

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

When the ileocecal valve is stuck open waste products can back up into the small intestine (much like a backed up kitchen sink drain) disturbing your digestion and also creating unhealthy toxins that are absorbed into the body. Also, if the ileocecal valve is stuck closed waste products are prevented or constricted from passing into the large intestine.

Unfortunately, this disorder is often overlooked by the medical profession. A dysfunctional ileocecal valve can result in a combination of symptoms.

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome Symptoms

Right shoulder pain
Right side pelvic pain
Low back pain
Pain surrounding heart
Flu symptoms

Syncope / Near syncope
Bad breath
ace pallor
Dark circles under eyes
Bowel disturbances (diarrhea / constipation)
Causes of Ileocecal Valve Syndrome
Emotional upsets

How you eat (overeating, eating too frequently, eating too quickly, eating foods you are sensitive to, under-chewing your food)

Foods you eat (carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, raw foods, hot spicy foods)
Treating Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

Treatment options for ileocecal valve syndrome are chiropractic adjustments, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, and alternative diet.

Temporary Diet Recommendations During Treatment

For two to three weeks--Avoid:

Roughage foods--such as: popcorn, nuts, potato chips, pretzels, seeds, whole grains

Spicy foods--such as: chili powder, hot peppers, salsas, black and cayenne pepper, paprika, cloves, cinnamon

Also eliminate-- liquors, alcoholic drinks, cocoa, chocolate, caffeine products

The transverse colon is variable in position, depending largely on the distention of the stomach, but usually is located in the subcostal plane; that is, at the level of the 10th rib. On the left side of the abdomen it ascends to the bend called the splenic flexure, which may make an indentation in the spleen. The transverse colon is bound to the diaphragm opposite the 11th rib by a fold of peritoneum.

The descending colon passes down and in front of the left kidney and the left side of the posterior abdominal wall to the iliac crest, the upper border of the hipbone. The descending colon is more likely than the ascending colon to be surrounded by peritoneum.

The sigmoid colon is commonly divided into iliac and pelvic parts. The iliac colon stretches from the crest of the ilium, or upper border of the hipbone, to the inner border of the psoas muscle, which lies in the left iliac fossa. Like the descending colon, the iliac colon is usually covered by peritoneum. The pelvic colon lies in the true pelvis (lower part of the pelvis) and forms one or two loops, reaching across to the right side of the pelvis and then bending back and, at the midline, turning sharply downward to the point where it becomes the rectum.

The layers that make up the wall of the colon are similar in some respects to those of the small bowel; there are distinct differences, however. The external aspect of the colon differs markedly from that of the small bowel because of features known as the haustra, taeniae, and appendices epiploicae.

The mucous membrane of the colon has a characteristic structure. It lacks the villi and the folds known as plicae circulares characteristic of the small intestine. It contains many solitary lymphatic nodules but no Peyer's patches. The surface epithelium is columnar, and there are many goblet cells. Characteristic of the colonic mucosa are deep tubular pits, increasing in depth toward the rectum.

It can be stated that every symptom in the human body is governed by metabolic enzymes. Cells receiving balanced nutrition, with a full variety of trace minerals, create their own enzymes and hormone potentials and therefore protect themselves against bacterial, Fungal and viral attack.

A body with high mineral assistance the body maintains a fluid electrolyte solution in its cells, osmotic equilibrium or pressure, moving fluid and water into and out of cells, which governs blood pressure, kidney function, nerve process and hydration.

By introducing Purified SeaWater into the colon, absorption through osmosis carries the Ionic Trace Minerals and Elements directly into the blood stream, supplying all the critical elements for cell division and regeneration in the body.

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