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Haskayne School Of Business - University Of Calgary

By:Thomas Champeval

Located in the City of Calgary, the University of Calgary is one of the cream of the crop institutions in Canada. In an almost 40 years of establishment, it has been successful in developing different knowledge and abilities fundamental in order to enhance the professional and personal lives of its students, and have molded around 100,000 graduates. The land area of the campus is 213 hectares and is composed of 17 faculties, over 30 research institutes and centers, and a total of 53 departments. The teaching faculty has about 1,917 full time employees.

The university is considered as the fourth biggest employer of the city of Calgary with about 2500 full time labor force employed. There are over 28,000 students enrolled in the university in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. This student population includes about 900 international students from about 87 countries around the world. The university is a part of the 17 Networks of Centres of Excellence which is a nationwide approach to study and development intended to develop the economy of Canada as well as enhance the standard of life for Canadians.

Situated in the University of Calgary, the Haskayne School of Business offers an education that lasts for a life time and builds a strong foundation of a successful profession. The school develops not only the skills on analysis and technical development but as well as the strong foundation of efficient, practical and technical skills. Doing such will enable students to understand interdependence which will also enable them to know how to be an effective leader.

The MBA Program of Haskayne trains students to develop their ability to make decisions as well as to act on it. The Haskayne MBA has 10 cores, 2 integrative and 8 electives. The elecetives can be taken in other business schools provided that it is approved by the MBA office. The MBA Programs offers a day time full time, evening time part time, thesis based, and combined degrees. The students under the day time full time MBA Program can finish their schooling for a total of two years. Students can also choose a specialization in their first year or they can opt to select a combined degree with another faculty. For the evening time part time, it can be finished in a span of 3 years.

This allows students to still work while studying since the class schedule for this program are every Tuesdays and Thursdays and starts at 6 pm and ends at 10 pm. Some weekend classes are also scheduled. The thesis based MBA program is open to exceptional students that are inclined with research. For the combined degree, the Haskayne MBA Program ties up with the University of Calgary’s faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Social Work.

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For information about MBA programs in Canada, such as the Haskayne School of Business, please visit, the official MBA Canada site.

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