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Acne and Progesterone: Studies Reveal A Connection In Terms Of Causes And Treatment

By:Karin Manning

As you may know, acne is a common chronic skin disorder that affects millions of people of every age, gender, and race. In fact, almost ninety percent of the world's total populations are victims of acne.

According to certain studies, acne and progesterone shows a certain connection in terms of causes and treatment. The connection between acne and progesterone appears to be more evident with the fact that progesterone is deemed as one of the factors that trigger the formation and development of acne, while others have considered that progesterone is necessary for fighting acne.

To explain the connection between acne and progesterone, certain studies have found out that during the menstrual period, a possible cause for acne formation, there is basically a hormonal imbalances as the progesterone secretion increase prior to the menstruation.

It has been highly noted that in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, progesterone is actually secreted abundantly by the corpus lutcum. As this occurs, the body then takes up great amount of pantothenic acid from the body's pantothenic pool leading to a re-distribution of the vitamin as well as placing enormous pressure on the fatty acid metabolism.

The idea on the connection between acne and progesterone further holds that when such metabolic process is moving poorly or not performing satisfactorily, the lipid then starts to form into a mass in the sebaceous glands, which are the oil producing glands. This is now where the acne and progesterone relationship becomes much evident as an increase in sebum is excreted with such process and acne, no doubt, follows.

Given such beliefs, most of the experts who are studying the link between acne and progesterone concluded such mentioned process is the main reason that even though the hormone progesterone has really no known impact on the activity of the oil producing glands, a skyrocketing level of progesterone in the late stage of the luteal phase basically leaves the acne victim with a prominent breakout.

Further studies are still conducted to know the real connection between acne and progesterone. Many have thought that acne and progesterone are in a close bond as progesterone helps to eliminate acne. This is basically the reason that you may see some products out there highlighting progesterone as a treatment for acne. However, many still deemed that progesterone is but one of the minor factors that trigger the formation of acne.

Whatever the findings maybe, acne is but a chronic disorder that needs personal attention.

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