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Woman! You Can Overcome Damages To Your Fallopian Tubes

By:Veronica Anusionwu

Copyright 2006 The Lord Word On Healing Publications

The Fallopian tube: This is the tube situated in the pelvis with each tube extending from an ovary to the upper part of the uterus. The Fallopian tube transports both egg and sperm and is where fertilisation takes place. The fertilised egg becomes an embryo and then it travels along the Fallopian tube into the uterus. Below are some of the problems likely to affect the Fallopian tubes.

Ectopic pregnancy. Inflammation or Swelling. Bacteria Infection. Endometriosis. Adenomyosis.

The word of God has solution even for blocked Fallopian tube. You may not believe it but the word of God has helped so many women overcome blocked fallopian tubes. If you trust his word it will also help you. "He has walled me in so that I cannot escape; he has barred my way with blocks of stone; he has made my path crooked."? (Lamentations 3:7-8) This description from the Bible best describes the blockage of the Fallopian tubes. What is a tube? The dictionary describes a tube as a slender channel that can be within a human body. The Fallopian tube is a long channel within the body of a woman. It is like a long road through which sperm travels into the womb.

But when it is barred or blocked, it becomes impossible for the sperm to pass through.

The sperm is walled in and cannot escape. Its passage is barred by (scar tissue), making it impossible for fertilisation to take place. But the Bible says: "with the help of the Lord you can scale a wall." So the wall of stone built around your tubes can be commanded to melt like wax at the name of the Lord. You can become a victor instead of a victim in Jesus' name. The problem you are facing today could become your testimony to the glory of God.

The Bible says this "because of the Lord's great compassion we are not defeated by blocked Fallopian tubes and infertility, "for His compassion never fails"?. It is renewed every morning. Great is His faithfulness." (Lamentations 3: 22-23. The Father God is truly faithful and nobody who put their trust in Him will ever be put to shame.

Hannah's blocked Fallopian tubes

The best illustration of blocked Fallopian tubes in the Bible is Hannah. The Bible records in 1 Samuel 1: 6: "that the Lord had closed her womb."? This essentially involved the closure of the Fallopian tubes. This is because the Fallopian tube is like a door or passage which can be closed or blocked. Hannah's tubes were closed but she kept on praying to the Lord. One day the pastor of the church where she was praying came in and saw how desperately she was praying. He thought she was drunk but she said to him, "No my pastor I am not drunk, I am only praying my heart out to the Lord."? The pastor of that church blessed her and said: "Go in peace; may the Lord grant you what you asked him."

The Bible says, "the Lord remembered Hannah in the course of time and she conceived and gave birth to a son".

Many women today face Fallopian tube problems. Please get this clear in your spirit-no matter the cause of the tubal blockage-at the name of Jesus it will have to open. You might have noticed that in the Bible, it never told us the method God used to close Hannah's womb- but her Fallopian tubes were closed. But the "Lord determined to tear down the wall around the daughter of Zion,"? (that is you) in Jesus' name.

The Lord has already determined to tear down the wall that is built around your Fallopian tubes.

Hannah would not give up. She kept praying. She kept on trusting God. And because of her prayer God opened her womb. He removed whatever was blocking her tubes and blessed her with a son. If you will trust God and hold on to Him-He will do the same for you. For our God is no respecter of persons.

Today you may face the wall of blocked Fallopian tubes- you may have done all you know how to do without success. I just encourage you to open your mouth and praise God. Praise Him and just watch what He will do for you. The God who did it for Hannah will do the same for you. Blocked Fallopian tubes are not a problem to God.

Today God is requiring the same of you. He wants you to look up to Him. Rely on Him and trust Him to give you victory in all areas of life even when your problem is blocked Fallopian tubes.

You can take these steps of faith today:

Come to God by faith.

Tell Him the problem you face.

Tell Him what you desire for Him to do for you and believe you have received it

Thank Him for it through faith

Then start to praise Him - the more the praise, the quicker the victory.

Take the confession written below and speak them out of your mouth. Praise God more often than you used to. Very soon you will be pregnant. God bless you and I love you.

Confession Father I thank you for your grace and mercy. I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ and I bless you. I thank you that in Christ I am blessed and fruitful. Thank you for making me a happy mother of my own children. Your Word is powerful. I speak in faith-It has performed surgery on my Fallopian tubes removing any blockage and healing all damages that existed. My Fallopian tubes are open in the name of Jesus. I am free from every curse of infertility. My tubes can now transport life. Thank you Father for glorifying your name in my life in Jesus' name.

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Veronica Anusionwu has devoted a portion of her life to bringing spiritual solutions from the bible to help many people. She is the author of "Woman You Are Not Infertile"? a book that has helped many women overcome infertility. Her book "Who Said You Are Too Old To Conceive"? covers all area of (Childbirth for the older woman). Sign up for her free weekly newsletter by visiting ( )

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