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Track Your MySpace Profile Visitors


I know that everyone who is on MySpace has had the same burning questions that Iíve had. How can I see who has viewed my MySpace profile? Where can I find a MySpace Tracker? Since MySpace has become so popular, so have the MySpace profile stalkers. Could be your friends, neighbors, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, or even someone you donít even know. We are fortunate enough to have the technology for 3rd party websites to provide the code to allow you to see who visits your profile. Unfortunately, the majority of the code that these websites offer have been eliminated because they violate MySpaceís TOS (terms of service). Donít get disappointed yet, there are some alternatives.

I still remember the short reign of a very popular website, Profilesnoop. This site provided members with a MySpace tracker code they could enter into their MySpace profile which allowed the tracking of anyone who viewed their profile. After entering the code, you could login to Profilesnoop to see everyone who has viewed your profile. It even had their MySpace pictures! This was very convenient for a short while, until without notice, it stopped working. Apparently, this code violated MySpaceís TOS and the code automatically was cut out of your profile. After this, Profilesnoop quickly lost fan base. This left millions of MySpacers in question and looking to find another MySpace tracker.

Another option that does not violate MySpaceís TOS is using a website counter in your MySpace profile as a MySpace tracker. The downside to this is that it is very difficult to what MySpace member has viewed your profile, however it does track how many people have viewed your profile along with a detailed analysis on location, system, and IP address of that viewer. What is also possible is using the IP address to find out who that viewer is by performing some tests with your friendsí profile. For example, you can call your friends and tell them to one by one view your profile. While they do this, you log into your counterís member area and keep track on their IP addresses. Now you can see what each friendís IP address is, and you know which friend is viewing your profile.

There are many other tricks to creating a usable and free MySpace tracker and also many sites that allow you to track the old fashion way like Profilesnoop. But donít expect them to last long because if MySpace finds out you are using them, your profile will probably be deleted.

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My best advice is to use a website counter. You can find out more about this method including some great sites that will provide these counters to you for free in my blog MySpace Trends

PaulG is an expert on internet social groups, especially MySpace. Check out his blog MySpace Trends for more great tips and ideas about MySpace.

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