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History of Invicta Watch

By:Zai G Zhu

Who is Invicta Watch Group?

Meaning “invincible” in Latin, Invicta watches were actually made as early as 1837. Founder Raphael Picard wanted to bring people high quality Swiss watches at affordable prices. The company began its history in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland – a land well-known for its watch making endeavors.

Swiss watches have been highly coveted by many parts of the world, and Invicta watches picked up in popularity. The name was well known and well established for more than a century. In the history of Invicta watch, one thing has remained constant: Invicta watches are known for their quality and beautiful design. This is as true today as it was a century ago.

Sadly, the “quartz invasion” of the 1970s pushed Invicta watches out of the picture. Invicta watches all but disappeared. It looked like the long history of Invicta watches had finally come to an end.

The History of Invicta Watch Group, Today

The good news is, the history of Invicta Watch Group does not end with the 1970s. In 1991, the descendants of the original Invicta watch name re-formed the company. Today, Invicta watch group is dedicated to bringing you high quality watches that are still affordable and beautiful in design – the same commitment that Invicta Watch was known for more than a century ago.

“In 1837, Invicta handcrafted its first watches with the belief that fine Swiss timepieces could be offered at modest prices. Today, powered by that same maverick spirit, the once-tiny company has become a fire-breathing dragon, worshiped by collectors, but feared by the rest of the watchmaking industry. In 1991, descendants of the Invicta family re-established the brand holding firm to the company’s founding principle. With rebellious zeal, they quickly recognized that Invicta could give a large segment of the watch-buying public that had long been ignored by other companies, unprecedented access to the fine Swiss quality they lusted for, at prices well within their reach. Thirteen years later, the Invicta Watch Group has evolved into the fastest-growing watch company in the business and has sparked a movement that is turning the balance of power in the watch industry.”

- Invicta Watch web site, July 2006

Invicta Watches

Today, Invicta watches are growing in popularity. With many varied styles and types of beautifully-crafted watches, Invicta Watch Group is dedicated to bringing you the very best at prices that anyone can afford. Invicta Watch Group uses cutting-edge technology and the best possible materials to make their watches, including anti-reflective sapphire crystals.

With many different product lines, Invicta Watch Group has something to please everyone. The Angel, Pro Diver, and Elite lines are some of Invicta Watch Group’s most popular. Every year, Invicta Watch Group strives to bring original, beautifully designed watches out of production for consumers.

When it comes to quality, Invicta Watch Group is definitely a name that you can trust. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to afford high-quality, carefully crafted, beautifully designed Swiss watches? That’s Invicta’s goal, and they do it very well.

After all, Invicta Watch Group is one of the fastest-growing names in the watch making industry. The History of Invicta Watch Group, and the quality of the watches that they produce, should speak for themselves. Invicta Watch Group is a name you can trust for high-quality, fashionable timepieces.

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Zai Zhu is a watch collector and a watch dealer. Visit to shop over 1000 styles of watches including many Invicta watches, Citizen watches, Orient watches, Luminox watches, and many more, as well as to learn about watches.

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