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Shih Tzu - Ways A Breeder Can Influence Healthy Litters

By:Connie Limon

Nutrition is probably one of the most important variables that influences an outcome of healthy puppies. I learned the hard way that extra pampering and attention is almost as important, and limit the things you change in the lives of your pregnant shih tzu.

During the first four weeks of pregnancy you should monitor your pregnant shih tzu's food intake. During this time fetuses don't have a lot of weight gain, and there is no need for the mother to gain extra weight that may hinder delivery later.

During the last half of pregnancy feed a food that is high in protein and about 8 percent fat. A good pregnant and nursing diet would be HealthyPetNet Life's Abundance dog food and the daily supplement.

Keep your pregnant shih tzu calm and relaxed. Too much stress during pregnancy will have an adverse affect on the puppies. Your pregnant shih tzu needs "extra" attention and nurturing. If the pregnant shih tzu lives under conditions of stress and without the proper love and nurturing she is at higher risk of passing on diseases to her puppies, and even to future generations. Extra pampering is definitely needed.

Moderate exercise is good during pregnancy and for the development of healthy puppies.

Provide a familiar area for your pregnant shih tzu to deliver her puppies where she will not be disturbed. Unfamiliar surroundings or people may cause her to deliver too soon, or interfere with her milk coming in as it should and even adversely affect her maternal instincts. One incident I had with a mother of mine was when I first built an outside cabin for some of my shih tzu to stay in, Tinker was pregnant at the time. I moved her in the cottage. She began labor early. I moved her back into the main the house. She was unsettled and tried to keep changing her spot for delivery. She had delivered several litters in the same area before this with no problem. She seemed confused. She had a hard time nursing the babies. She would take the babies out of the box and move them clear across the room and I would find her on the floor with all of her babies. I lost the entire litter. I felt so bad about it all afterwards, I have tried to since be extra careful with my pregnant shih tzu. They require extra pampering, nurturing and anything you can do for them in the way of attention, warmth and love during pregnancy.

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